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Embrace the Japanese art of Kokedama and beautify your home and your loved one’s place as you send kokedama plants India. Kokedama has gained huge popularity in India, with the sacred art form gaining attention, it now adorns the houses of everybody who appreciate their aesthetic and calming appeal. Kokedama planters are also called poor man’s bonsai, made out of Akadama soil that is mixed with Keto to form a ball and then twine is used to hold the soil together. The very word 'kokedama' comes from Japanese, with Koke referring to moss and dama meaning soil. Thus, a kokedama is a ball of soil that has whole roots submerged inside it. With Indiagift assisting you when you buy flowering plants online India, Kokedama plants have also become a contender for when you wish to send plants online India. With our online gifting sites making it possible for you to send your love in different forms, Kokedama plants are just another outlet to show love.

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With Indiagift at the helm, you can not only buy plants online in India but also send them to your loved ones on multiple occasions and make them beautiful and alive just like these plants. With various varieties of Kokedama bonsai available, we have our hands filled with different plant species like kokedama orchid that will beautify your homes and have a soothing effect. Besides sending Kokedama plants online, you can also send plants as gifts online to any pat of India and have them delivered at your loved one’s doorstep and make sure that it will charm its way into their hearts.

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Kokedama may have been an ancient Japanese art form but it is still being carried on and Indiagift has also caught up to the trend, providing you with kokedama moss and kokedama balls. Termed as moss balls, it’s not exactly rocket science to twine them together and have a kokedama planter for yourself. At Indiagift - best online gift sites, we not only assist you when you send kokedama plants online India but also help you figure out how to make kokedama at home for your loved ones. With all the resources you need for them available online from pots to plants and moss balls, it’s not only easy to create this masterpiece but are also instrumental when you wish to know more about kokedama plant care. Not only is making them easy, but you also don't need to worry about kokedama care, making it a perfect gift online delivery for same day anyone on birthdays, farewell or housewarming. If you are worried about the watering schedule, then fear not because you very well ascertain it if the moss feels lights. Having it submerged in water for a few seconds will do the job as the moss will then retain the moisture, and the water won’t get evaporated easily, sunlight or not. The best plants for Kokedama are the ones that require no or less sunlight as direct exposure for a long time can turn the moss ball into a brown lump. Besides the kokedama plant kits online and other supplies, you can get fully set up Kokedama that is ready to be hung up in hooks or the traditional wooden frames that will support its weight and add to the ambiance. You can also order indoor plants, cacti plant, air purifying plants, good luck plants, lucky bamboo, plant combos or can even gift plants as corporate gifts delivery online not only this can buy gardening accessories as gardening kits, concrete cement pots, miniature gardens. Send Plants as gifts to kerala, gifts to Hyderabad, delhi, chennai and to other cities !