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Cakes are the ultimate gifts for any occasion. Whether its birthdays or graduations, cakes make the best gifts and are a delightful surprise for both young and old and a special favorite among children. It’s no doubt that kids are partial to sweets and nothing is sweeter than a slice of this delicious delicacy. Cake for kids is the equivalent of joy, happiness and most of all love. Kids are like innocent angels who are a constant source of joy to parents, grandparents, and relatives. Their trusting nature, forgiving persona and loving heart make them very special, the unique and deserving recipient of a special cake on their special day i.e. their birthday the most awaited day of life.

As parents, we understand your kids matter the most and you won’t leave any stone unturned to make their special day a grand event. No matter if you are near them or far away, you can order online children cake and make the occasion a very joyous one. Indiagift has a unique range of cakes for children that are as tasty as they look and will definitely surprise your kid on their birthday.

Send Themed Birthday Cakes for Girls and Boys Online

You can browse through our cake for kids section and have your pick from a variety of flavors and design and send them to your kids, nephews, nieces, and grandkids. With lots of flavors sweet and tangy, in special designs we deliver some specially designed kids cake for boys and girls. These personalized cakes need to be ordered beforehand. Whether it’s the classic round or square shaped cakes, or the customized cakes designed in any shape and color we deliver fresh cakes at your threshold.

Trending the rounds these days are themed birthday cakes which are designed based on the theme of the party. Surprise your kid by organizing a themed party based on his and her favorite cartoon character or interest, some of the interesting themes include underwater theme, Disney themes, princess or pirate themes. Whatever the theme is we have featured kids’ cake for boys based on Cars, video game characters, Mr. Bean and Doraemon etc.

We also deliver cakes for girls designed in the shape of Barbie and Disney princesses like the frozen sisters, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine. Fantasy cakes like unicorns and fairy cakes are in great demand too. Furthermore, we have cakes for kids which are an equal favorite among boys and girls for themes like underwater, fantasy, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and many more. These themed cakes look like a work of art with different exotic flavors combined with soft, rich butter cream in the inside and covered with sugary sweet fondant, with detailed sugar work on the inside. With an array of colors combining all the colors of the rainbow, your masterpiece cake will be sensational gift.

Select Cake for Kids from Mind - Blowing Flavors

A cake needs to taste as good as it looks, with an exciting range of flavors be it the classic ones including your everyday flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and black forest cakes, or the new ones like red velvet, cheesecake or fruitcake. One of the flavors that are in great demand among kids is the chocolate gems cake with tempting flavor of chocolate inside and the outside lined with intricate rows of different colored gems. For online cakes delivery of this special cake and many more like it, partner with Indiagift to share in the happiness of your kid.

Online Delivery from Local Cake Shops

Kids are the biggest source of happiness for everybody and deserve every bit of happiness you can conjure for them. Cake for kids are the ultimate gift, so why not make it more personal with a photo cake of your child, this sweet gesture will no doubt be a heartfelt gift but also a memorable one. So don’t hesitate and scroll down our page to send a delicious cake to your kid with online cake delivery from local vendors to your loved one's doorstep via Indiagift.