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Elegance, style, quality, taste, service are some of the attributes that go without mentioning when it comes to a five star hotel’s bakery. Wish to order the same at the comfort of your home, office ? Indiagift is just the right online gifting sites in India. We deliver to cakes online from 5 star bakeries across India. Choose from our range of Black Forest, Vanilla, Strawberry and Pineapple cake available in different sizes ranging from 1 kg - 3 kgs.

Not only a cake, but a perfect cake is needed in any kind of a celebration to make it complete and to add a cherry on the top of it. Are you looking for the perfect website for the tastiest and creamy cakes with the options of online delivery of them and with amazing services? Well then visit the website of Indiagift.in and then you have landed at the right place, here, with us you will find ample of variety of tasty and fresh cakes for each kind of celebration in your house or anywhere. We have different types of cakes that you can easily select and send for your celebration or to people you love. Send cakes to the people you love or to yourself for a celebration with us and get amazing services of online cakes delivery in India.

Order 5 Star Cakes Online from 5 Star Hotel Bakery

You can select from a great variety of cakes such as black forest cakes, chocolate cakes, butterscotch cakes, vanilla cakes, red velvet cakes, strawberry cakes, doubly floored cakes and many more. We also have amazing and unique cakes such as the 5 star cakes with us to complete your perfect celebration and party. It is very important to have your cake delivered to you within a few hours after it has been prepared and got all done with the icing. Thus you have to order it on reknowned and well recognized website which would give you the amazing services of delivery of these cakes. With us it is too simple to do, all you have to do is to select the options, pay for them, and fill up the contact informations and get them delivered within a few hours. For the occasions like your kid’s birthday, 5 star cakes are just appropriate.

Send 5 Star Cakes Delivery Online  

When it comes to top quality, nothing beats a 5 star Hotel in India. So for those who want the top cakes in India, only from the 5 star bakeries head to our 5 star cake online store. Indiagift now gives you the flexibility to choose the choicest of 5 star cakes that come with the quality gaurantee that only a premium hotel can give. Such cakes are baked by master chefs who have years of experience in baking and choose only the finest ingredients available in the market. Each cake is hand made to your requirement and delivered with lots of love to your loved ones. So next time, you want premium cakes, order 5 star cakes, 5 star chocolate cake, 5 star strawberry cake, 5 star pound cake, 5 star chocolate cake, five star cake from Indiagift and surprise a loved one. You will be amazed at how they adore the taste and aroma of the same.

For those in India, we offer 5 star cake delivery online to Metro and Tier 1 cities and prefer that you give us a day’s notice for bespoke baking of the same. For those abroad, quality is the top prerogative and thus they can order 5 star cakes online from USA to India, cakes from UK to India, cakes from Canada to India, cakes from Dubai to India or cakes from Russia to India . We deliver 5 star cakes in all flavours and designs cakes to Delhi, cakes to Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon to name a few. If you want to make it extra special, choose a tier cake from 5 star. It comes at a cost but then you cannot put a price tag to love. So order online and get the best cakes delivered at your family’s doorstep for all their occasions. Choose cake delivery of 5 star cakes from Indiagift - best online gift shop for everyone.


We have a collection of 20 Products for sale, range starts from INR 3499 to INR 11800