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Presenting the IndiaGift 'Happy Box'.

Know someone who just lost their job? Or had a heart break? Or is going through a tough time at work? Spread some cheer and happiness by gifting them the IndiaGift 'Happy Box'.

The Happy Box is a SUBCRIPTION BOX GIFT SERVICE which you can subscribe to for your MOM, your long lost friend, your kids away at the hostel or even for yourself. Basically anyone who could do with some happiness at the start of the month. 

Here is how the Happy Box works-

1. Subscribe to this service , make the one time payment and share receiver details.

2. At the start of each month, the receiver receives a surprise in their mail in the form of a Happy Box from

3. Based on your selected time duration, the receiver will receive this surprise and continue to enhance their happiness.


How is the Happy Box structured?

The curated Happy Box is currently available for Him, Her and Kids.

The products are curated based on products that excuberate happiness.

The products are based on a MONTHLY THEME which changes each month. 

The products remain a surprise and not even the sender knows the same.