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Air purifying plants are quickly becoming popular due to pollution being a major concern for everyone and not just global enthusiasts. Indiagift with its ingenious gifting solutions comes up with air purifying plants recommended by NASA that contain the best air purifying gifts. Hence, you can send air purifying plants as birthday gifts and also as anniversary gifts and housewarming gifts. Thus, whether its the best air purifying plants outdoor or air purifying plants for bedroom, send air purifying plants as gifts on numerous occasions that also cater to your health concerns. 

Just take your pick from Chinese evergreen air purifying plants to air purifying plants jade to make sure your gifts will be huge hits.

Air Purifying Plants That Don’t Need Much Care

One of the major concerns you come across when you send air purifying plants in India is the care that is needed in preserving them. However, at Indiagift we provide you with a list of not just indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins but also air purifying plants low maintenance and also air purifying plants no sunlight. Hence, if you are concerned that your air purifying plants evergreen will not be cared for properly because of challenging seasons like winter where adequate sunlight is not always available, at Indiagift you can not only buy easy care air purifying plants that are safe for your pets or even babies but also have these good indoor air purifying plants delivered to your loved one’s doorstep.

Best Air Purifying Plants for Babies and Pets 

Getting the right plant for your loved ones is certainly a matter of concern as these indoor plants clean the air and remove toxins removing all the pollutants. Thus, at Indiagift we have air purifying plants safe for babies who are more susceptible to polluted air. Also, you can send air purifying plants that are safe for dogs and cats who will be overjoyed with the natural feeling brought by air purifying garden plants that can be put both indoor and outdoor. If at times, you feel concerned about air purifying plants allergies, then we have numerous varieties you can choose from, whether its air purifying plants areca palm, air purifying plants cactus n succulents, and English ivy air purifying plants among many others.

Buy Air Cleaning Plants Online 

Bringing this wonderful opportunity to your doorstep, Indiagift has gone all out to provide you with air purifying plants Chennai and to other major cities in India. Thus, whether you wish to send air purifying plants in office or air purifying plants in kitchen, we have stocked ourselves with an array of the most effective air purifying plants. As you send air purifying plants Hyderabad, we allow you to send air purifying plants at night too to surprise your loved ones with midnight gifts delivery in India from Indiagift. Thus, when you know air purifying plants benefits, make sure that they have a special place in your loved one’s home just as you have one in your heart for them, also don’t forget to buy air purifying hanging plants that give a sophisticated vibe.

FAQs on Air Purifying Plants

Q - What are Air Purifying Plants ?

Air purifying plants remove pollutants from the air by improving the air quality and limiting the risk of pollution in the air that affects health. Also, these plants absorb the polluted air with their leaves and roots and the microorganisms in the soil factor in to make the atmosphere cleaner.

Q - What are some Air Purifying Plants ?

Some air purifying plants that are in use include Spider plants, Boston fern, Devil’s ivy, Dwarf date palm, Peace lily, Philodendron, Chrysanthemums, and Rubber plants among many others. These air purifying plants differ according to which plant genre they belong to but share the same anti-purifying abilities.

Q - How do Air Purifying Plants Work ?

Air purifying plants work extraordinarily with their leaves and roots absorbing the polluted air and filtering the air around you. Reducing the number of pollutants and toxic materials, these plants have been instrumental in cleaning the air for eons.

Q - What Air Purifying Plants don’t use Sunlight ?

Plants indeed need our care and natural elements like water and sunlight which may add to your concerns. Thus, if you are on the lookout for air purifying plants that don’t require sunlight, then go for Draceana, Bromeliads, Maidenhair fern, Creeping fig, and Snake plants among many others.

Q - What do Air Purifying Plants Do ?

Air purifying plants, as the name suggests are responsible for purifying the air with the leaves and roots absorbing the polluting gases, thus filtering the air of harmful gases, toxic fumes, and other pollutants.

Q - Air Purifying Plants vs Air Purifier ?

Air purifying plants are much cheaper when it comes to air purifier machines that are responsible for filtering the air. Also, air purifying plants add to the character and decor of the home that doesn’t come with a modern gizmo, no matter how effective.

Q - How many Air Purifying Plants do I need ?

Air purifying plants may not be as effective as an air purifier but when they are placed in a large quality, they can work wonders. Hence, when you are contemplating the number of air purifying plants, keep in mind that you need 1 plant per 100 square of floor to make sure that they clean the air effectively.

Q - Where to buy Air Purifying Plants ?

You can buy air purifying plants from your local nurseries or go to online gifting sites Indiagift, where we have several varieties of plants that will surely catch and eye.

Q - How Effective are Air Purifying Plants ?

Air purifying plants may not be as expensive as air purifiers but they can be as effective when placed in a much larger area. Hence, make sure that you buy air purifying plants that are the most effective.

Q - How much Air can a Plant Purify ?

No matter how polluted a place is, according to a study by NASA you need at least 16-18 plants in a 6-8 inches’ diameter space. Thus, you an indoor garden to make sure that the air pollution in your home is at its minimum level.

Q- How to grow Air Purifying Plants ?

You can buy air purifying plant saplings from a nursery and just like the usual plants, you need to water it and make sure it receives adequate sunlight and organic fertilizers and pesticides. Also, with proper TLC, your plant with grow to become a healthy one.

Q - Air Purifying Plants ? How do they Work ?

Air purifying plants are plants that contribute in making the air devoid of toxic and polluted air. The roots and leaves of their plants work together to absorb the polluted gases and toxins.