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Here is what you should you be doing on the first day of 2017

Here is what you should you be doing on the first day of 2017 2016 is coming to an end and the new year is upon us. I’m sure everyone has decided how to spend new years eve, but have you decided how to spend the first day of the new year. It is the first day of a brand new year, so how do you intend to start writing this first page of an empty notebook? If you haven’t decided anything, then we have some good ones listed out for you.   Resolve- Resolutions are synonymous with New years. ..........Read More

Top Christmas cakes that everyone loves

Top Christmas cakes that everyone loves   What comes to your mind when you think about Christmas? Jesus Christ, Santa, gifts and cakes. Yes, send cakes for Christmas and half the battle of wooing your old friends and relatives is won already. Christmas cakes, to be precise, are those mouth-watering delicacies without which no one can imagine Christmas. There are perhaps thousands of Christmas cake verities available in the market. But you ..........Read More

Say ‘Yes’ with Flowers- How to kick start your relationship

Say ‘Yes’ with Flowers- How to kick start your relationship You can always make a way to your lady love’s heart by gifting her flowers. Flowers are lovely and especially girls find it very romantic when her lover surprises her with a bouquet of flowers.  You can easily get flowers for her either from a local flower shop or a florist. Many gift stores also keep flower gifts too. This amazing gift has been a source to say ‘yes’ to your relationship and fall in love. Even when she is i..........Read More

The hottest Christmas gifts for kids this year

The hottest Christmas gifts for kids this year Who expects the most for Christmas and the holidays? The kids are the most lovable members of our family and we should do every little thing to make them happy and excited about the occasions and the holidays. Since, the festival of Christmas is coming and so you would need to do different things for the preparations of the Christmas day celebrations and the party. Don’t worry at all, we are here to assist with you with all your Christmas p..........Read More

Diwali – A festival of Lights- thought of Unity in variety

Diwali – A festival of Lights- thought of Unity in variety What Is Diwali? As the name suggest it is festival of diyas as on this day, people light up their home with diyas and colorful lights. Diwali usually comes at the end of October or in starting of November month. Diwali is not only festival of Hindu but it has same importance in Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. Diwali is an example of our thought of Unity in variety. Mythological connection behind the festival The legends behind Diwali can be linke..........Read More

Discuss the ritual of Diwali Pooja done in Indian households on Deepawali day

Discuss the ritual of Diwali Pooja done in Indian households on Deepawali day Whenever people hear the word Diwali, the first and foremost thing that comes in minds of people is the crackers and the beautiful fireworks that lit up the sky like it is a day. It is very common to find people all over the India celebrate Diwali without any fail on the marked day. The reality fact that most of the people have forgot in the recent days is that there are some pujas that need to be performed on that day for the well being family a..........Read More

Why are Diwali sweets a fervently bought gift for Diwali?

Why are Diwali sweets a fervently bought gift for Diwali? Why are Diwali sweets a fervently bought gift for Diwali? In India, Diwali is the brightest festivals of the year and celebrated with full enthusiasm among all categories of people. Diwali is also well known as Deepawali which means ‘row of lights’. There are so many stories associated with it, the reason for its celebration and significance. Diwali celebration is not only limited to lights, lamps and firecrackers. This festival als..........Read More

What are the traditions associated with Diwali?

What are the traditions associated with Diwali? Every Festival and celebration have some customs and traditions connected with it, Diwali being no different. The term 'Diwali' is derived from a Sanskrit word which accurately means ‘a row of Lights. So it is the festival of light, brightness, exchanging gifts and celebrating togetherness. Celebrated all over India with different traditions and rituals according to location, firecrackers and chocolate bombs are the main attraction..........Read More

Looking for Diwali gifts for your family in India? Here are some tips for Diwali gifting

Looking for Diwali gifts for your family in India? Here are some tips for Diwali gifting Diwali is the function of lights and fun which is one of the most important festivals that is celebrated by every Hindus in India. Discounts and offers will be provided by leading brands and companies all over the India in this season. It will confuse people to select which  Diwali offer and discount they must choose so that they can able to save more with their purchase. Since, online shopping became popular in India; purchasing in online n..........Read More

5 Unusual Gifting Ideas for the Festive Season

5 Unusual Gifting Ideas for the Festive Season Exchanging gifts during Diwali with family and friends is very common. However, the real issue occurs with choosing the gift that you want to present to your relatives and near ones. Offering same type of items every year becomes very boring and so we like to look for new and Unusual Gifting Ideas.  If you have been looking for such gift items, we have some choices for you as mentioned below: •Artefacts: Artefacts and antiques are qui..........Read More

Best Diwali Gifts Ideas For Family

Best Diwali Gifts Ideas For Family With Diwali approaching soon, there is hardly any time left for its preparations and if you still haven’t got Diwali gifts for family members, this is high time to do so. Diwali is a time when you cannot miss sending a special gift to your close friends and family living afar or nearby. Your gift ensures that you remember your closed ones and miss them too.  Here we are discussing some interesting unique  diwali gifts ideas that ..........Read More

Celebrate Green Diwali with These Five Green Gifts Ideas

Celebrate Green Diwali with These Five Green Gifts Ideas Diwali is associated with Diwali gifts, sweets, bursting crackers and boundless joy. However, with the level of pollution increasing in the country, it is advised to celebrate this Diwali as eco-friendly and Green Diwali. There are many ways in which we can contribute in saving the environment this festive season by celebrating the festival in environment-friendly manner and by using natural objects as gifts for Diwali.  Here is a list of s..........Read More

Places Where You Can Get Exclusive Deals on Diwali Gifts

Places Where You Can Get Exclusive Deals on Diwali Gifts With Diwali just round the corner, shopping spree of people has hyped up. The Diwali festive season comes with lot of happiness and goodwill and at the same time it also brings lot of spending for people. You cannot help but spend money with open hands during this time of the year as you need to send Diwali gifts to your close relatives and friends. Thus many people look for bargain deals while shopping for Diwali so as to save some money. But th..........Read More


TELL THE FLOWERS! WIN SOME FLOWERS Count the Number of Flowers on this Yellow Chrysanthemum and you can win a FREE 12 Flower Bouquet from us. All you have to do is this- 1. Estimate the number of petals on this single Yellow chrysanthemum and email us to with the subject line- 'Win Flowers'. 2. Share the FB Post on your facebook timeline and tag Indiagift. 3. Wait for 3 days for the results to be announced. The answer which is closest to the number..........Read More

8 Lesser Known Facts about Ramayana

8 Lesser Known Facts about Ramayana We have all seen the epic Ramayana many times since our childhood. Be it a documentary, a serial or an animated movie, most of us have seen it all. It is one perfect example set up in front of us when the truth and the honesty win the battle against arrogance and pride, no matter how strong the other side was. Well, it is well known by most of us that Diwali is celebrated on the day of the arrival of Lord Ram to his home after spending 14 years o..........Read More

Best Cake Deliveries You Can Get In Gurgaon

Best Cake Deliveries You Can Get In Gurgaon Cake delivery in Gurgaon has become a lot easier these days, thanks to online cake delivery sites. Whether you are in the same city or anywhere else in the world, you can now book cakes for your loved ones and get them delivered in time for their birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. Most of these sites give you plenty of options to send cakes to Gurgaon: 1.    Time-Slot Delivery – When placing your order, yo..........Read More

Top 5 Birthday Gifts for a Long-Distance Boyfriend

Top 5 Birthday Gifts for a Long-Distance Boyfriend Well it is true that maintain a long distance relationship can be tough but then sending adorable gifts can may be make up some bit for it. So if your are in a long distance relationship and it is your boyfriend’s birthday then here are some best birthday gifts for boyfriend listed here- 1.Things I love about you- This is one of the most adorable options that you have. So what you can do is, buy a deck of cards or similar material diary typ..........Read More

Tips To Order Fresh Flowers Online In Kolkata

It is very easy to send flowers to Kolkata addresses but you should prepare yourself as you get ready to send them. The process for flowers delivery in Kolkata should be handled with these particular tips in mind for any case. Consider When You Want Them Delivered When you order flowers online, you must start by thinking about when you want to get them delivered. You have to think about this so you can choose from a series of flowers that will a..........Read More

Tips for Selecting Best Rakhi Gifts Online

Tips for Selecting Best Rakhi Gifts Online This time of the year, we all want to be with our family and enjoy the time together with our brothers and sister. It must be really hard to stay away from your family during this season of Rakhi. Even if you are far away from your city and your home, you have a fair share of making your sisters and brothers happy and excited on the festival of Rakhi. All you have to do is to just send those amazing gifts and tell them that you still care about t..........Read More

How to Choose the Best Rakhi Gifts Online?

How to Choose the Best Rakhi Gifts Online? Rakshabandhan or Rakhi, the most special festival to celebrate the bond between a brother and sister; the purest bond on this earth. If you actually think about it, throughout the life many people have left you or you left them no matter how much inseparable you thought you would be with them, it all did not actually work. What have worked till now without any flaw is that you always stood by the side of your brother and he was always there too w..........Read More

Did you know why is Rakhi Celebrated? When is Rakhi? What all are its significance?

Did you know why is Rakhi Celebrated? When is Rakhi? What all are its significance? Rakhi is celebrated with full enthusiasm and energy around the corner in India. It is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in India for a couple of thousand years! Yes, Rakhi has its own history that takes us to the times of thousands of years ago. It is not just about a knot tied on the brother’s hand by his beloved sisters but it is much more than that. Rakhi is basically meant for strengthening the purest bond on the earth that..........Read More

Best Friendship Day Gifts for Men Trending in 2016

Best Friendship Day Gifts for Men Trending in 2016 Men love practical gifts. Right from gadgets to anything that servers them practical use is good enough for them. Watches, grooming accessories, coaster covers to perfumes; gift ideas for men are umpteen. Those who thought only women love receiving gifts are dead wrong! When you put thought into gifting your male friend, they will love it too. They too like to feel wanted and special. On this day, you can show love and camaraderie by selecting th..........Read More

Friendship Day Gifts - Your Hippie Friends Will Love to Get From You

Friendship Day Gifts - Your Hippie Friends Will Love to Get From You So away from the ways of the world, yet so close to you – that’s your hippie friend! It is time you shower some friendship day gifts on him / her to celebrate the bond, hippie style!  1.    A Dreamcatcher – Nothing like this ancient handmade object that your friend can hang in the room, on their bag, or attach it to their house keys to live the kind of dreams that they like best and ward off the others. Send..........Read More

The Secret Ingredient to Making Anniversaries Special

The Secret Ingredient to Making Anniversaries Special Marriage anniversary is seen as one of the major milestone in a married life. Many people prefer celebrating it with their family and few prefer it to celebrate it alone. It is an important day to celebrate all the lovely moments you have spent together and to boost the bond of love that exist between the couple. It is the special occasion on a special date. It marks the day you met your better half, your soul mate and the love of your life. Ther..........Read More

Top 7 Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Top 7 Friendship Day Gift Ideas Friendship day is a day where you can intensify the bond between you and your friends. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. A gift that is thought well and that imitates love is usually a precious gift for a friend. There is a plethora of gifts in the market you can choose from like cards, chocolates, flowers, perfumes and clothing. You can surprise your friend by giving the special gifts mentioned below and make them feel l..........Read More

3 Easy Steps to Order Mothers Day Flowers for Mother's Day 2016

3 Easy Steps to Order Mothers Day Flowers for Mother's Day 2016 How beautiful is the relation between a mother and a child? It is one of the purest bonds on the earth. No one can ever love you absolutely more than your mother. It is much more painful for her than it is to you to lie far away from your mother. Even if you are separated by distance from your mother then don’t worry, you can still make her happy by sending her mother’s day gifts online through any of the online portal and the gift wi..........Read More

Celebrate Your Milestone Anniversary with These Romantic Gifts Idea

Celebrate Your Milestone Anniversary with These Romantic Gifts Idea After waiting for 12 long months, the celebration time arrives. It should get more exciting every year. This is the day when partners do exciting things for each other to make their day a special one. Take a lot of time to search and decide on what romantic gifts you should give to your spouse. A lot of online gift ideas are available to help you out in taking the decision and you should certainly refer them, as it is celebration of your love. Yo..........Read More

Say I Love You Through These Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Say I Love You Through These Mothers Day Gift Ideas Mothers are the best gifts to a child that God has given. There are no such things that are enough to be considered as Mothers Day gifts. Whatever you gift her, will be less. Though there can’t be any single day to say “I love you” to your mom, still we choose the mother’s day to say so. There are few gifts ideas for her that we can share here that you can buy for your mom.  •    Chocolates Expres..........Read More

Sending the Perfect Chocolate Gift for the Perfect

Sending the Perfect Chocolate Gift for the Perfect Chocolates are loved by all, irrespective of the age or any kind of criteria that differentiate people, chocolate is something that unites them. Most of the people prefers chocolate flavour in any kind of stuff they eat therefore chocolate is the most selling stuff nowadays which is loved by almost everybody. Now there are possibilities of sending chocolates as a gift online to the person you love. It is just too simple as you have to just sit on..........Read More

Conveying your feelings and gestures through flowers

Conveying your feelings and gestures through flowers Flowers are considered to be the most meaningful and lovely gifts of all. When you gift somebody a bunch of beautiful flowers, it conveys a message to them that you wish for their well being and long term happiness. In this life of a short span, relationships and happiness matters the most and not the materialistic things such as money. Gifting to them flowers is always considered as a sweet gesture and unwraps the true feelings of yours towards ..........Read More

The Power Of Gifting

The Power Of Gifting When you open the door to the morning air and see pretty Yellow roses adorning your doorstep, you smile. When you slump on your office chair and open the cabinet and find a mug saying Well Done Champ, you smile. When you finish a tiring lecture in college and find a 'Thank You' Cake on their desk, you smile. When you enter an empty apartment and find a large Teddy with A Miss You Card on the couch, you smile. That is the power of..........Read More

Personalized Gifts - Send Valentine's Day Gifts To India

Personalized Gifts - Send Valentine's Day Gifts To India The feeling of being in love is unique and exceptional. With the coming of spring this feeling becomes all the more intense as the soothing breeze of spring tickles our romantic side. Spring also welcomes the popular festival of Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated worldwide these days. The celebration of Valentine’s Day is incomplete without the exchange of gifts with your beloved. So this valentine season send Valentine’s Day ..........Read More

What Everybody Dislikes About Flower Delivery and Why

What Everybody Dislikes About Flower Delivery and Why Gone are the days when you used to pluck the flowers from a garden and gift the same to your partner or loved ones. Nowadays even the flower category of gifts has so many options to choose from. They are made and arranged in a fancy manner so that they are appealed to be gifted and bought. Flowers are one of the best all occasions gift options that are loved by all but since the delivery of gifts has been invented sometimes it actually kills the ..........Read More

Best Lohri Gifts to Give This Winter

Best Lohri Gifts to Give This Winter Lohri is the perfect time to share happiness and capture some good memories with young and old ones. In the warmth of the bright fire burning up to heights is the perfect moment to celebrate in the winters. People dance, express their joys and have a lot of fun during the Lohri and hence it is one perfect occasion to share gifts with your loved ones. A perfect gift on this joyful occasion will be like a cherry on the top of the delicious cake. If..........Read More

Unusual Valentine Day Gift Ideas

Unusual Valentine Day Gift Ideas On Valentine Day, the gift shops are crowded with gifts and people days before. Finding the right gift for your lover takes a lot of time and considerable thought. If you are tired of fluffy stuffed hearts, chocolates and flowers and looking for unusual Valentine Day gifts ideas, here is a guide to buy a more meaningful and unusual gift for your lover. Observe Your Loved One A gift must show that you have paid attention to the interests of y..........Read More

Top Christmas Gifts for Little Ones

Top Christmas Gifts for Little Ones Christmas is a very special time. There's a lot of good cheer and carolling to go around. With all this sweetness and excitement in the air around Christmas, plan out for something special and sweet for your little ones in the family. Yes, definitely they are expecting Christmas gifts from you to make their festival complete. Obviously you have to make them happy and definitely make them to like your gifts. So here it goes about the planning ..........Read More

7 Mind-Numbing Facts About Valentine's Day Gifts

7 Mind-Numbing Facts About Valentine's Day Gifts 14th February- the day of love. Dig deeper, and you’ll find some astonishing facts about Valentine’s Day you probably never knew. 1. The rose is always associated with romantic love- being the favourite flower of Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love) or Venus (the Roman equivalent). The demand for red roses is extremely high within 3 days of Valentine's Day, and prices match the demand with many florists. Ordering with online flo..........Read More

Handmade New year Gift ideas for Friend

Handmade New year Gift ideas for Friend New Year is a time for celebration. It is a time to welcome the future while looking at the past. It is a time for new resolutions and new life. As we say goodbye to the experiences, learning and memories of the past year, we welcome the New Year with hopes of getting new and better experiences, great learning and dreams coming true. People like to celebrate New Year by exchanging gifts with their loved ones. However, selecting the best New Year ..........Read More

5 Awesome Birthday Gifts Ideas for Your Loving Son

5 Awesome Birthday Gifts Ideas for Your Loving Son When your son came into the world, you no doubt felt as all parents feel- like a bit of sunshine is resting in your arms. Relive that moment every year when your son’s birthday comes around, because he’s always going to be your bit of sunshine, no matter how old he gets. Choose some awesome birthday gifts idea for your loving son. 1) Birthdays are incomplete without a birthday cake. An infant son's birthday would be one of his fi..........Read More

3 Awesome Return Gifts For Bhai Dooj For Your Sister

3 Awesome Return Gifts For Bhai Dooj For Your Sister The bond between a brother and a sister is so special and so unique that no one else can ever take the same place. When it is the time for bhai dooj, it is a festival to celebrate this unique and special bond like no other. Off course the best way to convey your love and share happiness is to exchange gifts. Be it a small or a big one, it does not actually matters. What matter is the effort you are taking for all such things? In this article we a..........Read More

Top Occasions when People Send Flowers and Cakes in India

Top Occasions when People Send Flowers and Cakes in India Since historic times, flowers, the most frugal of gifts have been used to convey emotions, when no words could be found. Cakes, on the other hand, were originally very expensive, but celebratory. Today, both flowers and cakes are affordable gifts, and also the best. Sceptical? Let us list the top five occasions when Indians buy flowers and cakes online and send them to loved ones.  1)    Birthdays- Birthday cakes are probably..........Read More

Say Happy Birthday with Special Bouquet of Flowers

Say Happy Birthday with Special Bouquet of Flowers Flowers are a girl’s best friend and even boys like them too. So flowers serve as the best birthday gift idea that one can present someone on their birthday. A birthday bouquet of flowers along with a special cake is a gift that is incomparable to anything else, especially if you want to deliver this gift to someone sitting at a distant corner of the country far away from you. There are numerous birthday bouquet combinations available onlin..........Read More

5 Awesome Diwali Gift ideas for Wife

5 Awesome Diwali Gift ideas for Wife Diwali is a festival of love, light and prosperity. The colorful lights, delicious sweets, beautiful rangolis, soothing smell of incensed candles and flowers make our spirit soar high. As such giving beautiful and unique gift to your wife will make her happiness and contentedness reach to highest levels. There are many Diwali gift ideas for your wife. However, you should choose a unique Diwali gift for wife. These unique Diwali gift ideas will ma..........Read More

Mixed Dry Fruits Gift Box For Diwali

Mixed Dry Fruits Gift Box For Diwali Diwali is just round the corner and everyone is busy in preparing for this major festival of India. Among other preparations buying gifts to be delivered to your near and dear ones is one key task to be accomplished beforehand. But it is always a matter of confusion when it comes to Diwali gift ideas because you are not sure as to what gifts you can buy for each particular member of your family/friends and whether they will like the gift or not. ..........Read More

Varieties of Birthday Cakes in India

Varieties of Birthday Cakes in India Gone are the days when birthday cake ideas were limited to “chocolate, vanilla and pineapple”. Even the days of “choco truffle” and “black forest” are numbered. There are hundreds of flavours ready to be delivered with hundreds of extra toppings. Nowadays birthday cake ideas include coconut, loads of caramel, peaches, lime, raspberry, pistachio etc. as ingredients in cakes. There are websites which are selling ..........Read More

Most Popular Fruit Cakes for Birthday Celebrations

Most Popular Fruit Cakes for Birthday Celebrations Whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, New Year eve, or any kind occasion, the celebration is not complete without a cake, or several cakes as some cake lovers would want to suggest. This delicious dessert’s history has a very long history and rightly so. Fruit cakes in India can be ordered on every occasion be it Christmas or somebody’s birthday. If you want to buy a fruit cake for someone’s birthday, here a..........Read More

Awesome Looking Anniversary Gifts Using Your Wedding Photographs

Awesome Looking Anniversary Gifts Using Your Wedding Photographs You have known each other since childhood. Your dads were best friends and your moms were best friends. You have seen each other go through their first breakup. You have fought. You have cried. And it’s their first wedding anniversary. Sadly, you have no idea what to gift him. You are tired of googling for “anniversary gift ideas for my best friend” and “best anniversary gift”. Nothing you found was good enough. You ..........Read More

5 Deewali Gifts You Can Present to Anyone

5 Deewali Gifts You Can Present to Anyone Deewali is one of the most significant and auspicious festivals for Indians. It is a festival of lights and symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It also represents the spreading of spiritual light to lift the veil of spiritual darkness. At this day Hindus worship the goddess of wealth and prosperity and Lord Ganesh, the remover of the obstacles and god of intellect and wisdom. The festival is celebrated with colorful lights, firecrackers, ca..........Read More

5 Inexpensive Birthday Gifts Ideas That Will Impress Your Girlfriend

5 Inexpensive Birthday Gifts Ideas That Will Impress Your Girlfriend When it comes to impressing your girlfriend on her birthday, the first thing that comes to mind is to gift her something exquisite and expensive. However, this might not be possible every year because at times there are budget limitations or cash crunch that you might have to face. During such instances, rather than dropping the idea of sending her gift, you can think about few inexpensive birthday gift ideas, which might impress her more than us..........Read More

Why cakes are the best birthday gift?

Birthday is one of the most awaited occasions in a person’s life. Whether you are young or old, you tend to wait for your birthday because on this day you get pampered by your family and friends. This is one occasion when we feel special as you are treated with delicacies at home and gifts from friends and dear ones.  When it comes to sending birthday gifts to someone we consider two primary things. The first thing is the feasibility ..........Read More

Best Karwa Chauth Gifts to Send Your Wife

Karwa Chauth is a festival celebrated mostly in North India where married women fasts for one day from sunrise till the rise of the moon. Wives observe this fast to pray for the safety and long life of their husbands and breaks it only after seeing the moon. Sometimes, even the unmarried girls observe this fast either for their fiancé or for getting the desired husband in future. Women wear traditional attire, goes to the temple, and appli..........Read More

Romantic Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Husband From A Working Wife

The best feeling comes when he smiles. Love is what you express not what you keep inside. The best way to make him smile on your anniversary is to give him a beautiful surprise gift. Not only the presentbut your efforts will definitely make his day and mood. We have various ideas of what to buy and how to buy anniversary gifts ideas for husband. In this era of technology, buying best anniversary gifts for him online would be the best option becau..........Read More

Best Teachers Day gift ideas for your loving teacher

A person you can trust your most loved thing, your child, with is nothing but the most trustworthy and reliable person on earth for you. A person who brings the best out of your child, polishes his innate skills, refines his personality and makes him a better person is a teacher. Appreciating the teacher is something you should always do –off and on. You can think about teachers day gift but it is for sure that you will get muddled, because..........Read More

How To Chose Trendy Birthday Cake For Your Loving Kid

How good it feels when it is your kid’s birthday. You want to do every possible thing to make them happy. When it comes to kids they generally want their birthday cake to be perfect. To fulfill their demand, you aren’t need to gear up or take much pain because now a day’s so many options for cakes are available online. Just one click and the cake of your wish will be at your doorsteps. You can also try and order customized cakes..........Read More

How To Get Same Day Rakhi Delivery Online In India

Separated by long distance, united by a thread of love. This pure and strong bond of a brother and sister is one such cute bond which is to be cherished throughout the life. Those beautiful memories of our childhood when we used to celebrate rakshabandhan with our brothers and sisters were so much fun, right? Distance does not actually matters if love is there. So, if you and your brother are distance apart then too you don’t have to worry...........Read More

Tips to Buy Online Rakhi with Sweets in Mumbai

Rakhi, the festival which brings love, colors and happiness to the sometimes sour and sometimes sweet relation of a brother and sister. The joyous festival is a beautiful occasion where the sisters and brothers celebrate this eternal bond of love. Brothers surprise their sisters with amazing gifts and bless them. Mumbai, a metropolitan city full of folks and their dreams celebrates the festival with immense craze. Since the occasion is near now a..........Read More

Best Rakhi sweets options to send to India

One of the most beautiful aspects of Indian festivals is the delicious food, especially the mouthwatering sweets. For brothers and sisters alike, Rakhi means not only exchanging vows, but also exchanging something sweet during the ritual, to be fed by hand. Sweets also form a part of the feast on the dining table. Even if physical distance separates you, there's no reason why your brother, or your sister, shouldn't receive Rakhi gifts an..........Read More

How to Find The Best Rakhi Gift in Delhi NCR

With rakshabandhan around the corner, the markets are crowded, shops are buzzing and traffic is piling up. So what does one do when seeking the best rakhi gift in Delhi for your sister? Do you savage yourself through the crowded markets, get stuck in traffic for hours and finally manage to buy a rakshabandhan gift in Delhi? Does that solve your purpose? You spent so much time and energy so isn’t it better to look for online rakhi gift optio..........Read More

Best Return Gifts Ideas for Sister

Every time Rakhi comes around, it is usual for sisters of any age to ask for a gift from their brother, and the brother has to oblige, no matter what. A sister expects is a gift from her brother as a right; what she doesn’t expect, most of the time, is a return gift. Return gifts for sister are small presents and because they are rarely expected, it is all the more fun and exciting. The best thank you gifts come from the heart, and the..........Read More

Send Unique Rakhi Gift in Hyderabad with Great Love and Emotions

Rakhi is one of the most popular festivals in India. It is an occasion that celebrates the love, care and bonding between a brother and a sister. Raksha bandhan is a promise from a brother to protect and cherish forever the sacred bond. The ritual of gifting each other is the most exciting part of the occasion. Selecting gifts on Raksha bandhan for sisters or brothers becomes an important task. Nowadays with the growing technology and e-commerce..........Read More

How to Find Genuine and Professional Online Flower delivery services in Delhi NCR

Are you looking to send flowers to Delhi and don’t know how to find an affordable florist online? Flowers delivery in Delhi NCR is now a reality and very easy with online gifting sites. With our flower shop online, we help deliver your emotions through flowers to your loved ones. Flower shops online are the most efficient options to send your greetings through flowers in the country. It is difficult for anyone in a different city to send fl..........Read More

Best Rakhi Gift Combinations in Pune to Present Your Sister

A beautiful bond of love between a brother and a sister is tied by a sacred knot of rakhi. Celebrate  this beautiful occasion  by treating your  lovely sister with  the best  gifts for her. If your sister is in  Pune  there are many options to gift her on Rakhi. Make this day memorable  for her  and pay for that priceless smile of  your sister when she  sees your gift.   You can Sen..........Read More

Most Popular House Warming Gift Items in India

House Warming is no more restricted to heavy duty puja rituals only. Nowadays, House Warming or also known as Grihapravesh in Indian terms, are so much fun! Also, buying a useful gift for House Warming party of friend, colleague, relative or any family member is a pleasurable & fun experience with many online gift portals. However, you should always keep in mind the taste and preferences of the person as well as your budget.  Right from ..........Read More

Tips to Buy Rakhi Gift in Delhi for your Loving Sister

Rakhi is a time for bonding between siblings. It is the occasion to express your love and affection to your brother and sister. But what does a brother do if he is away from his sister for Rakshabandhan? Then how does he ensure that he makes his sister feel special? The answer to this is sending a rakhi gift to your sister. If your beloved sister is in a city like Delhi, then it is easy to send her a rakhi gift in Delhi NCR. Still unsure of the b..........Read More

Rakhi Gift Ideas For Your Sisters

The festival of RakshaBandhan is celebrated with tremendous happiness and excitement not just in India butover the world in Hindu communities. On this devout occasion, a sister ties a Rakhiaround her brother's wrist, communicating her care and friendship. In return, the brotherpromises to secure her for the duration of her life and favors her with pretty gifts.  The exotic collection of gifts showed in the stores many times leaves the br..........Read More

How to Find Uncommon Rakhi Gifts in Bangalore

Are you looking for rakhi gift ideas for your sister but are unsure of what to buy? If you are searching for some unqiue and uncommon rakhi gifts to Bangalore then we have the solution for you. To make your sister feel special this Raksha Bandhan  buy her a rakhi present in Bangalore and get it delivered at her doorstep. Even though you may physically not be with her but sending her a rakhi gift will make her feel special. Here are some unco..........Read More

Send Unique Rakhi Gift to India with Great Love and Emotions

Rakhshabandhan is an auspicious occasion celebrated as a festival of brother and sister, a festival that symbolizes the love and affection shared between them. RakshaBandhan is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor not only in India but across the world. This year in 2015 the festival falls on 29th August and where all sisters have already started looking for the best rakhis, brothers are planning to give their sister with the best gift thi..........Read More

TOP 6 Romantic Wedding Gifts ideas

If you are unable to attend the wedding celebrations of someone close to you, and want to send  wedding gifts to India, buying online and ensuring online delivery makes sense. Make sure it’s something romantic, a gift which would appeal to the couple and not get lost in the crowd of those showered on the couple by the people attending the celebrations. Here are some romantic wedding gift ideas: 1) Watches for Him/Watches for Her- Not..........Read More

Unique Birthday Gift ideas for your beloved Husband

The birthday of your beloved husband is one of the exceptional days of your married life on whichyou figureout some plans to get a unique and appealing presentto bring a glad grin on the face of their husband. It is important that the wonderful gifts you purchase must be helpful for the husband andmake him feel some special. With regards to the  send birthday gift for husband, you would doubtlessly like to make his day memorable and full of ..........Read More

7 Perfect Gifts for a Newborn Baby

Sending Gifts to India for newborns is a rather hard thing to do, because most gifts you can think of for that bundle of joy are not likely to be remembered by the baby itself. And yet, you must celebrate, because from the moment the stork drops that tiny human in your lap, your entire life becomes like a planet around that little Sun. Be careful, though, that you don’t gift flowers (the newborn can be affected by pollen) or too f..........Read More

Rakhi Gift Ideas For Your Loving Sisters

Rakhi Gift Ideas For Your Loving Sisters It is rightly said that "A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life." And now when the auspicious occasion of Rakhi is coming, while she is excited & spending hours choosing the best Rakhi for you, you must be thinking of giving her an awesome gift for Rakhi.Some of the best Rakhi gift for sisters can include bags, jewellery, chocolates, saree, designer dresses, bangles, spa ..........Read More

Send Rakhi Gifts to your siblings anywhere in India

Are you ruing not being with your brother to celebrate rakhi?  And looking for online rakhi delivery in India for your brother? Then check out online gifting websites that give you the service to send rakhi and rakhi gifts to India. You can order a rakhi gift for your brother or sister and make them feel special on this special day.Some great rakhi ideas for delivery in India are- 1.    Rakhi Flowers- If looking for a rakhi g..........Read More

Most Popular House Warming Gift Items in India

House Warming is no more restricted to heavy duty puja rituals only. Nowadays, House Warming or also known as Grihapravesh in Indian terms, are so much fun! Also, buying a useful gift for House Warmingparty of friend, colleague, relative or any family member is a pleasurable & fun experience with many online gift portals. However, you should always keep in mind the taste and preferences of the person as well as your budget.  Right from b..........Read More

Romantic and Memorable Wedding Gift Ideas

A wedding is an occasion that serves to be one of the best moments of everyone's life. Wedding gifts are the most ideal ways in which the relatives, colleagues and friends directly or indirectly get an opportunity to convey their heartiest wishes to the newly married couples. It is an occasion that marks the new start of somebody's life.This is the reason that makes it special for you to choose something extraordinary that total benefits ..........Read More

Top 5 Frugal Gift Ideas for Any one

Gifts are materialistic gestures that we express towards others for gratitude. Gifts are sometimes our way of saying thanks or showing our love. But keeping economics in mind, people restrain their gifting to please only their near and dear ones. But what to do you if you wish to give gifts to everyone whom you care about. And how to give gifts to people far away in India if you are sitting overseas. How do you send gifts to India? There are many..........Read More

Key Things to Check Prior to Ordering Online Flowers In India

A standout amongst the most popular ways in which you can express someone that you wholeheartedly appreciate or love them is by sending flowers via an online flower shop. Flowers are constantly fit for bringing bliss and smiles on the face of the recipient. With the rise of the Internet in the technological world, it has turned out to be way easier to buy and send fresh flowers anywhere in India.When we are living far from our loved ones and wish..........Read More

Flowers- The Best Gift of All

At all times, it is the sentiment behind a gift that gives it a meaning. But flowers are a part of our lives from birth till death. There is no better way to express one's emotions than sending flowers as gifts when one doesn't know how to put feelings into words. Flowers are perishable times, and it is imperative that the flowers you send should be fresh and not wilting. Online gift websites make this easier because with flower delivery ..........Read More

Top 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boy Friend

Birthday gifts in India are the most ideal approach to express your emotions of love for your boyfriend. This will help him to understand your actual affections for him and also what importance he holds throughout your life. Birthday gift ideas will help him understand your feelings and also bringing you both near to one another. Boys expect keen gifts from their beloved, which showcase the insight level and utmost understanding alongside the aff..........Read More

Cakes- Send Delicious Cakes Online

The tradition of cutting cakes to celebrate originated in Ancient Greece, where they were a part of wedding celebrations. Today, a cake can be afforded not only by the rich, but also by the middle class, and are not limited to birthdays and weddings any more. With technology, it is also possible to order delicious cakes online and arrange for home delivery.Cakes have become an important part of any celebration in all countries of the world, regar..........Read More

Unique Friendship Gifts You Can Give To Your Very Best Friend

When a special occasion like friendship day or friend’s birthday is fast approaching and you are unable to meet your best friend, make that remarkable day a lot more extraordinary by sharing something memorable, such as giving a unique and remembering gift. It doesn’t important the gift is expensive, but it is full of your emotions, love and affection towards your best friend. The days are the gone, when gifts buy manually and presen..........Read More

5 Last Minute Birthday Gifts Ideas

What do you do when you remember at the last minute that there is a birthday of a loved one tomorrow? You can’t possibly forget their birthday, and you have to buy a birthday gift. Because you mean a lot to them, they will actually spend the whole of tomorrow waiting for you to wish them, waiting for your present, even while others shower them with birthday greetings and expensive presents. Thankfully, you can buy a birthday gift online. Th..........Read More

5 Awesome rakhi gift Ideas for your brother

5 Awesome rakhi gift Ideas for your brother Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is the age old celebration of love and affection of sisters for their brothers. The festival celebrates the bond of love between siblings, and girls tie colored threads across their brother’s wrist. Gone are those days when rakhi was all about a well decorated thali of tika, rakhi and sweets. Due to distance now, some of us have to do with sending rakhis to their brothers online. Similarly brothers also resort to sen..........Read More

Awesome Gift ideas for Anniversary

Anniversary is a very special occasion for a couple. It is symbolic of the special bond that they have and a reminder of the sacred vows they have taken. Thus keeping one’s spouse happy on a anniversary is always a good idea. Now even if it isn’t your own anniversary but that of a special couple like your parents or your friends, then also you always seek out presents. We have listed down some of the awesome gift ideas for a special c..........Read More

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