Indoor Plants for your Home Online

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Send Indoor Plants Online to India

With Indiagift sponsoring the happiness of your loved ones and you by offering to deliver plants in India, you can not only get indoor plants that clean air but also different varieties of them that will add that something missing in your home. With the Indiagift website cataloging indoor plant names and pictures according to indoor plants with flowers, indoor plants bonsai, indoor plants palm, and big and small indoor plants, you no longer have to look far for indoor plants near me as our gifting experts handle all your needs and wishes. With almost a hundred plant species that can make any place look alluring and have other benefits too, you better not let this opportunity get out of hand.

Indoor Plants for Home and Office

Having plants indoor is not an old concept but has certainly gained quite a following, going well with both rustic and minimalistic decors. Thus, when you order indoor plants online India, make sure that you check out our indoor plants ideas that will inspire you to buy indoor plants bedroom or indoor plants living room and even indoor plants for office which will be a huge hit. If you are confused about how to arrange indoor plants while making sure that they remain healthy, then always go for indoor plants low light that don’t need much care but will work as efficiently. Thus, you should familiarize yourself with indoor plant names on our website that will surely come handy when you want your plant gifts to symbolize something special.

Indoor Plants Gift Ideas

To beautify their homes and make it more lively, people include all sorts of personal belongings, however, there’s another way that you can contribute to your loved one’s place and make it homier for them, and that includes using indoor plants for decorations. Gifting plants your loved one is not only a unique valentine day gifts but also has a meaning attached to it as it alludes to your relations that are as fragile as a plant but once nurtured can grow into a strong bond that you can bank upon. With our willingness to accommodate all your needs and come up with trendy and cool birthday gifts for every occasion, its time you make Indiagift your gifting partner to assist you in your time of need to show love and support even from miles away.

 Q - Which Indoor Plants are Poisonous ?

While most indoor plants are safe and even good for humans and pets, some may pose a threat on account of being poisonous. Therefore, it's better that you avoid indoor plants like dumb cane, caladium, philodendron, devil’s ivy, peace lily, oleander, and calla lily, etc.

Q - Which Indoor Plants grow in Water ?

It’s almost impossible for plants to survive without water even if some of them can withstand sunlight, but these indoor plants like common ivy, Chinese evergreens, jade plants, peace lily, devil’s ivy, money plant, croton, dracaena, and philodendron need more water than most.

Q - Which Indoor Plants Purify the Air ?

Indoor plants that clean the air are in quite a demand because of their air cleaning qualities and these plants top the list- areca palm, snake plant, money plant, peace lily, spider plant, Chinese evergreen, gerbera daisy, dragon tree, and pot mum among many others.

Q - Which Indoor Plants Release Oxygen at night ?

While most plants release oxygen during the day in the process of photosynthesis, some plants also release oxygen during the night too. Hence, when considering indoor plants for bedroom, make sure your list includes neem, peepal, orchids, tulsi, Christmas cactus, aloe Vera, money plant, and areca palm.

Q - Which Indoor Plants Repel Mosquitoes ?

Forget any mosquito repellent lotion or cream because some awesome indoor plants also repel mosquitoes adding to the list of must-have plants. Thus, count in citronella, lavender, catnip, basil, rosemary, lemon balm, and pennyroyal into your list.

Q - Why Indoor Plants are bad ?

Just like there are pros and cons to everything, having indoor plants also has some cons which don’t outnumber the pros. Thus, whenever you opt for indoor plants, beware that some of them release carbon dioxide at night while some are poisonous and cause allergies, making them a bad option.

Q - Why Indoor Plants are Healthy ?

Indoor plants are a healthy choice besides their obvious function of beautifying the place and make it look inviting as they purify the air from various toxins, assist in breathing, help deter illness, boost healing and help in increasing focus.

Q - Why Indoor Plants are Important ?

Indoor plants are important because they help clean the air and work as natural air purifiers by cleaning toxins like benzene, and nitrogen dioxide, control the temperature and provide a very natural ambiance to your place.

Q - Why Indoor Plants don't need Sunlight ?

It’s not that indoor plants don’t need sunlight because most plants need it for photosynthesis that takes place only in the presence of the sunlight, however, some plants can live without it for a short period.

Q - Why Indoor Plants go Yellow ?

Indoor plants with yellow leaves are a result of overwatering or under watering of plants. Thus, make sure that you keep checking on the amount of water used to water the plants.

Q - Which Indoor Plants are Good for Health ?

The indoor plants that that are good for health includes spider plant, aloe vera, lavender, English ivy, snake plant, and rosemary among many others.

Q - What Indoor Plants bring Good Luck ?

Indoor plants are considered worthy gifts because despite their obvious functions, they are also said to bring good luck and these plants surely top the list for good luck plants are tulsi, lucky bamboo, money plant, and peace lily, etc.

Q - Why Indoor Plants are Good ?

Indoor plants are good because they act as natural purifiers to clean the air, add to the decor of your house while having several healing powers and have symbolic meanings attached to them, making them excellent birthday gifts.