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Cakes are one of the best creation ever made, not because they look so enticing but also because of their phenomenal taste. To make sure that every person loses themselves with a heavenly bite of this yummy goodness, we have eggless cakes which are 100% vegetarian and are a favorite with vegan customers. These eggless cakes are meant to convey the same taste like any normal cake so that your loved ones can indulge themselves with every bite they take and feel good by your sweet gesture, both literally and figuratively.

Welcome to Indiagift's delectable world of cakes! We believe that every celebration deserves a touch of sweetness, and what better way to spread joy than with our scrumptious range of cakes?

Indiagift takes pride in curating a diverse selection of cakes that cater to every taste bud and occasion. From classic flavors like rich chocolate cake and velvety vanilla cake to exotic choices like red velvet cake and butterscotch cake, our cakes are baked to perfection using the finest ingredients. Our skilled bakers craft each cake with love, ensuring a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate.

But it's not just about the taste; it's also about making memories. That's why we offer cakes that are not only delicious but also beautifully designed. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other special moment, our cakes add an extra layer of charm to your celebrations.

At Indiagift, we understand the importance of timely delivery. That's why we offer reliable cake delivery services across India. With our extensive network, we ensure that your chosen cake reaches your doorstep or your loved one's location right on time. No matter where you are, you can count on us to make your celebrations sweeter.

Browse through our delightful range of cakes and choose the one that resonates with your occasion. With Indiagift, every slice is a slice of happiness, and every bite is a memory in the making. Order now and let the sweetness begin!

Rejoice in Life and Joyfulness with Indiagift Sumptuous Cakes Online

Enjoying any celebration or happiness, sweets form an integral part of Indian culture. With the sunup of Western culture, the cutting of a cake has replaced the conventional systems. There was a time when people used to walk to the reputed bakers to buy cakes. With technology advancing, it is now possible to have cakes online from reliable platforms like Indiagift from the convenience of your home. Cake-cutting has become common these days whether it is the anniversary, birthday, weddings, graduation, and diverse events that call for a celebration. It reflects the lovability of life and the significance of celebration. It not only brings people together but it is also a symbol of joy.

Cakes can be tailored to suit the personality of the recipient and match the color scheme of the events. They are an attraction for any occasion and offer a memorable experience for all the people around. When you order from Indiagift they leave no stone unturned to add sweetness to all your occasions. Your courtesy will be appreciated by the recipient and they will be ecstatic when they perceive your love and concern for them.

We, at Indiagift have a humongous variety of cakes to offer along with hassle-free online cakes delivery. You can now send cakes to your dear ones from across the world with this reputed online cake shop in India. We ensure that your loved ones will appreciate the diverse variety and unperturbed online cake delivery.

Send Cakes to India | Choose your Favorite Cake Online from an array of flavors 

You can never envision a cake without that soft, fluffy bread and the rich buttercream which separates the layers, and the 'oh so sweet' icing which just melts in your heart. However, when it comes to cake there’s always room for more and our think tanks search far and wide for the most exotic of cake flavors besides the everyday ones that have become our favorites. These delicious favors will surely send your taste buds on a whirl when you order them.

The Black Forest Cakes - This delicious cake flavor is the classic mix of your favorite flavors-chocolate and vanilla, to give you the best of both the worlds. With sweet vanilla icing on the exterior and light chocolate flakes sprinkled on top, a black forest cake is a hearty delight.

Fresh Fruit Cakes - This cake offers the most colorful palette with fruit cut in slices in a backdrop of white vanilla cream. This delicious cake contains kiwi, strawberry, and apple slices along with oranges and cherries etc.

Cupcakes - Cupcakes or mini cakes are one of the best edible creations which can be taken or sent anywhere to enjoy the heavenly goodness we call cakes. With Indiagift, you can have cupcakes delivered to your loved ones in flavors like Oreo Cupcakes, chocolate, vanilla, and pineapple.

Fondant Cakes - Fondant cakes are the new thing in town with a sweet, sugary fondant sheet which covers the cake surface to craft cake masterpieces according to the themes. These fondant cakes are also called designer cakes as they have to be customized on special order based on the giftee’s personality or the theme you are celebrating. You can have these designer cakes made for kids which resemble their favorite cartoon characters including, Barbie Cakes, Doraemon Cake, Lightning Mcqueen cakes and Mickey Mouse cakes etc. A designer cake from Indiagift will no doubt become the life of the party, no matter what occasion.

Tiered Cakes - Tier cakes with their enormous size are something you usually view at weddings or galas. These monstrosities of cream and cake can now be ordered with Indiagift to surprise your loved ones on anniversaries and graduations. These tiered cakes can range from two tiers and more, to make sure your cake will leave everybody awestruck.

Gems Cakes - Gems are one of the favorite candies we associate with childhood. A gems cake has two of your favorite things, a cake and a candy in one, to relish the sweetest memories of all. These colorful gems covering your cake from top to bottom in all the colors of the rainbow are a colorful treat everybody will love.

Fruit Cakes or Plum Cakes -  A fruit cake is basically a sponge cake that contains bits of dried fruits like cherry, orange, and apples on the inside and doesn’t contain any icing like nude cakes. Besides fruit cake, you can also send plum cakes to anywhere in India for occasions like Valentines Day with online cake and gift delivery from Indiagift.

Butterscotch Cakes - Butterscotch cakes are one of the trending flavors where you can feel the rich buttery taste even as you savor the first bite along with crunchy caramel in between.

Coffee Walnut Cake - A coffee walnut cake in an exciting combination of rich coffee and walnut pieces that adds to the addictive taste of the cake. We also design the coffee walnut cake with a Starbucks theme so that you can have the ultimate coffee experience.

Mango Cakes - Mangoes are seasonal fruits which you can only enjoy in summers. With Indiagift, you can send mango cake to your loved ones which has the sweet and tangy taste of mangoes.

Red Velvet Cakes - Red velvet cake is everybody’s favorite with velvety smooth bread and icing in between. With red color symbolizing passion and love, this sweet treat embodies love, both physically and symbolically. We also deliver red velvet cakes in a heart shape which sends all your senses in an overload.

Black Currant Cakes - Luring you with its fascinating purple hue and tangy taste, a black currant cake is something you should try at least once in your lifetime, and Indiagift gives provides you with everything to explore this rare treat with your loved ones by ordering cakes and the same will be delivered in no time.

Same Day Delivery of Cakes Online for all Occasions

Are you running late and don’t have time to go through the whole process by calling the local bakery and ordering a cake while juggling priorities and picking it from the cake shop near me ? Indiagift comes to your rescue with same day cake delivery to your respective destination and reaps the benefit of surprising your loved one. Also, this offer is best suited for last minute cake shopping orders when you are busy with work and still take out time to make sure that no occasions go awry. Relying on Indiagift for same day cakes delivery is the best course of action at all times.

The best things about cakes are that, although, they are a very traditional gift item they are also the most sought out ones. With cakes as your gift, you are not only on the safer side but also a favored one, as nobody can refuse this sweetest addition to all your celebrations. Besides birthday cakes and anniversary cakes, you can send cakes on Valentine’s Day, New Year, etc. A cake from your side will not be the sweetest addition to the day’s celebration but also a very cherished one.

Personalised Cakes Online - Indiagift cakes can also be customized !

One of the most special gifts you can offer to your loved ones, cakes are a constant source of delight. However, they are also flexible when it comes to taste, and have been constantly been experimented with. One such avenue available to Indiagift customers is the option to customize your online cakes orders. This amazing opportunity is available to customers worldwide where you can have a personalized cake designed for your loved ones even from miles away. A cake is a special treat as it serves as a gift, as well as, a treat to delight all your senses. A customized order cake means you have the option to not only order a cake online but also have it done according to your own size, design, shape, and varieties. You can even send cake son late night, early morning for same day delivery, midnight cakes etc. and more !

Personalized photo cakes from Indiagift are one of the top-rated cakes online. These special cakes are so much more than any normal cake as you can customize them by including a photo of your love in front of the cake. A cake which has your picture beside your name is certainly a wonderful memory which will last forever. To customize an exclusive photo cake online order via Indiagift, place your order beforehand and reap benefits which will be sweeter than your cake.

Add a New Addition to All your Traditions with Cakes from Indiagift on all Occasions

Although cakes are part of birthday and anniversary traditions, they can be made part of other events and occasions too, serving as the missing piece to all your traditions. Indiagift helps deliver cakes that are specially crafted for each occasion which grace the year and make sweet memories with our near and dear ones at every occasion possible. Therefore, to make sure that no occasions remain uncelebrated, a cake is a must factor for which distance doesn’t become an obstacle as we deliver cakes online from local cake shops and bakeries. Our collections boast of Mother’s day cake, Father’s day, Valentines Day cake, Farewell cake, graduation cake, and Christmas cake etc.

Exciting Deals on Cakes and Other Gift Options

Cakes are a delectable package in itself, and Indiagift gives you the option to improvise your online cake orders as per your requirement. We offer exciting combo deals on cakes comprising of cakes and other gift items including flowers, chocolates, soft toys, and other personalized gift options. These combos contain two or more items so that you can overwhelm your loved ones with more than one gift to portray the depth of your feelings. As you log onto to the Indiagift website, avail the discount coupons and other enticing offers and experience the joy of giving in a whole new light with Indiagift.

Fresh, Flavorful Cakes Order Online Starting at just INR 499

With numerous occasions that make the rounds every month, cakes are the most anticipated of all gifts. All your childhood memories may have consisted of you impatiently waiting for cutting the cake and blowing the candles, so why give up this tradition when you turn older ? To recreate such memories for your loved ones which lasts a lifetime, Indiagift has come up with cakes which start at just INR 499.

Our mouth-watering cake flavors include an array of classic options like vanilla, black forest, butterscotch, and chocolate to fruit flavors like pineapple, strawberry, and fresh fruit cake to order online. To treat your taste buds, explore exotic flavors like blueberry cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake, dry fruits cakes etc. A cake in one’s favorite flavor brings back the sweetest of memories while making fonder ones.

Although cakes are consumable products that have a limited shelf life, so we make sure that your cake is freshly baked and delivered to your loved one’s doorstep in a jiffy from cake shops near you when you order cakes online.  Indiagift cakes are baked with love and artistically designed to appeal to all your senses.

Plan a magical surprise with Midnight Cakes Delivery 

Midnights are supposed to be magical and when the whole world's asleep, the crescent moon wields its magic with starry hosts looking down upon you and the sound of crickets keep you awake with your thoughts. Indiagift too wields its magical powers with midnight cakes delivery service to surprise your loved ones on special occasion. The sleep-rumpled face of your loved ones and their bewilderment on seeing a lovely cake delivery online from you will bring a sunshine smile on their face which is worth the effort you spent on this order. Just imagining their joyful response makes you want to order one right away with Indiagift‘s portal and the seamless online process we offer. So hurry and place your order for midnight cake delivery with Indiagift !

Special Cakes Order Online as per the season

Cakes - an instant mood booster ! Celebration and also have power to spoil the mood of the event. With the selection of the right cake you will uplift the mood and create a magic in the celebration. 

Summer Cakes : Summer cakes are brighter, beautiful and refreshing. With the summer ingredients you can bring freshness and sweetness during the heat summary days.
Tropical Summer Cakes : Tropical cakes are best for the summer season cakes. These cakes are a combination of coconut and pineapple. This cake is featured with food cake, marsh mallows, pineapple, nuts, whipped cream and shredded coconut. It will be a perfect and refreshing sweet treat of summer.
Summer Fruit Cakes : These summer fruit cakes are sponge cake and you can include all the seasonal delight on the cake. You can even mix all the summer fruits into the frosting and top with white chocolate, heavy cream. 
Winter Cakes : When the weather is cold outside and you need cozyness, you can include warmth in the cakes by popping the kettle on the cake. In winter cakes you can include decadent chocolate, seasonal fruit, and warming spices. 
Carrot Cakes : Carrot cakes are very sweet. These cakes are sweetly spiced and also these cakes are prepared with smooth creamy cheese frosting and grated carrot. These cakes are perfectly moist. It will be a perfect cake during the winter season. 
Coffee and Walnut Cakes : Coffee and walnut cakes are sponge cakes which are made up of instant coffee and walnut pieces. These cakes are filled with flavoured butter icing and this cake is topped with butter icing and walnut halves. simply order a cake online for your special day and make it memorable !

Buy Special Cakes for Same Day Delivery in India for all Occasions 

Every occasion requires sweetness of celebration which gives you unforgettable memory for a lifetime and our every occasion is the perfect time to give a treat to your tastebuds with a finger-licking snack. So cakes are perfect which not only fill our soul with this incredible taste but also fills the occasion of your dear ones with cheerful memory. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, and some other occasion, our celebration will be incomplete without these perfect fluffy delights. If you are looking for the flavour full and best quality online cake In India then Indiagift brings online cakes delivery to your doorstep. We are having many exotic flavors and collections of cakes in our online cake shop near me. You find strawberry cake, chocolate cake, fruit cakes, black forest cake, and many more. Also, we are specialized in fondant cakes, personalized cakes, heart shape cakes, and much more types of cakes for all occasions. Also, we have cakes for Valentine's Day cakes, Women’s Day cakes, Mother's Day cakes, etc. this is the reason we are the best and top-rated online cake shop. Our all cakes are under your budget. So delight your loved one with marvelous online cakes of Indiagift.

Valentines Day Cakes Online 

Cakes are the ineffable which cannot be forgotten in any celebration. It inflates your occasion and affix sweetness into your and your valentine's life with its exquisite designs and luscious taste. Because cakes are special, every special occasion ends with some sweet delight like cake, so that its taste and memory never gets faded from your life.

If you need such a type of cake for your valentines day celebration then choose Indiagift online cakes will give you a mesmerizing feeling. We offer you a tempting range of online cakes such as red velvet cakes, heart shaped cakes, chocolate truffle cakes, black forest cakes, strawberry cakes, photo printed cakes etc. you can send cakes to India at your loved ones doorstep on the valentine’s day while aiding with the same day cakes delivery to India and midnight cakes delivery to India from anywhere and it will be hassle-free experience.

We know every moment is associated with the sweets and desserts and cakes and chocolates are the perfect modernized combination gift which you can send as an online valentine’s day gift. Send cake and chocolate combination gifts to India as a valentine's day gifts. This will be a very sweet surprise for your partner or your girlfriend/boyfriend when you are far from them. This sweet and delicious piece of surprise is straightly delivered to India from the leading bakery which is bound to make your valentines day special and another occasion special and fantastic. So you will get the best cake combo online from us.

It is our lifelong promise to sprinkle sweetness on your occasion with our various products and promise to offer you unique valentines day cakes and gifts. So there we have a plethora of options for the love of your life. This valentine's day we not only give you options in online cakes but also we know give options in cake combo online. With the online cake delivery you can choose any cake combo for your partners and rest leave on us. Just you need to enjoy your day. We will make it possible to deliver online valentines day cake delivery to India at your chosen time. So what you are waiting for is to send a happy valentines day cakes to India for USA or from anywhere. You can choose a heart shaped red velvet cake to India with the tagline "I Love You" and we will deliver your online cake with the same day cake delivery or midnight cake delivery to India at your partner's doorstep right at the time because we believe in delivering emotions on right and specified time. 

If you are looking for an online romantic valentines day surprise for your partner then we have online cakes, online gifts, online combination gifts, online flowers, online personalized gifts etc. you can even choose the online cakes with flowers delivery to India with the special note of magical three words. So complete your valentine day celebration by  saying magical three words and while ordering exotic cake to India from exotic delights of Indiagift. 

Send Cakes to Delhi - Indiagift

Hailing from the Delhi-NCR region we hold special regard for Delhites and those who share its proximity as they were among our first customers and played a huge role in Indiagift’s success. Therefore, we are very particular when you employ us to send cakes to Delhi and avail free shipping on your cake and gift orders. From the narrow streets of old Delhi to suburbs in New Delhi, we are well acquainted with everything this spectacular city has to offer and make the best of it when your employ Indiagift to your bidding.

Life in a metropolitan city like Delhi can be nothing short of hectic and when you are crammed with work and loaded with responsibilities, a cake order may not be at the top of your list. To save your time and effort you can just select your cake from our category named cakes to view rows of cakes, all at your disposal to buy cake, order cakes, online cakes delivery in Delhi and send them to your loved ones in Delhi. Our online portal can be availed anywhere, whether you are at home or office and let our gifting professionals assist you in all the processes involved.

100% Seamless Online Process for Online Cakes Delivery in Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial capital of India is also the ‘it’ place for glitz and glam. This lively city never sleeps, so if you have friends and family who reside here, then surprise them with online cake delivery from Indiagift. As Indiagift is the best when it comes to on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction, you can never go wrong with us as your helpers for online cakes delivery in Mumbai. Also, this online surprise will keep them awake, literally, even after initial shock fades on and remind them of how you went the extra mile to make their day extra special.

As the main purpose behind each and every gesture of yours is love, a cake is the sweetest way to portray this love which they can taste with every bite. To order a cake this lovely gift you can take the help of our online gifting experts who are always present online to offer assistance and advice on gift choices as well as the checkout process. This digitized way of gifting also helps you track your gift order until it reaches the destination and updating you with even the minutest of details so that you remain on tops of things.

Same Day Cake Delivery in Hyderabad via Indiagift

You can never have too much of anything and our love for cakes simply justifies this statement. India, with its diverse cultures, has a lot of festivals and occasions which are celebrated with great pomp and celebration. At Indiagift, we are well aware of this need for variety and diversity as well as the obsession with celebrations of every kind. Therefore, we have cakes for each and every occasion in a variety of flavors which you can browse through and find your perfect match.

No matter what occasion you are celebrating or which flavor you go for, you can opt for same day cake delivery in Hyderabad. Hence, your cake will be delivered that very day even for last-minute cakes orders online so that none of your occasion gets spoilt or remains incomplete with late delivery and poor service. As time-orientation and the happiness of our customers is what drives to perfection, we try our level best so that our cakes and gifts make the recipient, as well as the giver, feel happier.

Surprise your Loved Ones with Midnight Cake Delivery in Bangalore from Indiagift

Nobody can explain the euphoria felt with an unexpected surprise on their special day, especially when it's from your loved one who is miles away from you. This lovely and thoughtful gesture makes you feel loved and honored beyond measure while you feel as if you are on cloud nine. Indiagift wields the power to make this true for you and your loved ones with midnight cake delivery in Bangalore.

All your orders, even the midnight ones are delivered from local bakeries and cake shop near me so that your cake is fresh and wholesome. Freshly baked and crafted with brilliance, a cake from Indiagift is an experience, nonetheless, which you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Does Indiagift Deliver Cakes to Small Cities ?

Yes! Indiagift delivery network is the biggest in the country which connects customers outside India to local cake shops near me, to deliver this sweet delicacy in even the smallest of city and towns. This nexus is made possible with loyal customers from India and around the world making sure that no one gets deprived of this sweetest of gift which makes every occasion a special one. All that is required of you is to go to the Indiagift portal, select a cake and Voila ! wait for your loved one's call, when they thank you for your generous gift.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and from Rajasthan to Bengal, we deliver online cakes and gifts in a jiffy with various delivery options when you opt us to buy cakes online in even the remotest town and city in India. All this is part of our endeavor to deliver love in any type, anyplace, and anytime. We have option of midnight cakes delivery, same day cake delivery in India.

Indiagift Fastest Cake Delivery Services

Sometimes we forget a few moments, occasions, and celebrations because of our hectic schedule and workload and we forget to wish even. This way we hurt our dear ones and we miss some important celebrations. Don’t worry at all…we have a solution to your problem. Just you need to opt for online cake delivery services for ordering cakes. With the help of these services no one will hurt, no-huddle will put the break, no distance will stop you to wish, celebrate and send a surprise to your dear one. Just you need looking for the reliable and toped rated online cakes in India and we will deliver the best and delicious cakes at your doorstep. Well, not all online portals provide these incredible delivery services. If you are looking for online cakes order near me or order cakes online services then Indiagift is there for your help. Now cakes delivery In India is not a big problem when Indiagift is here at your service. It is hassle-free to send cakes online and order cakes online to across India. We offer same-day cakes delivery, last-minute delivery, and midnight cakes delivery at your doorstep and all these services are absolutely free. To avail of the services, just you need to order the cakes and we will deliver the freshly baked cake to your doorstep.


Why are the perks of opting Indiagift for ordering cakes online?

Indiagift is one of the biggest names that has gained prominence for its online gifting service, and our customers in India and abroad have made this possible. You too can become a happy customer with all the perks we offer on online cake orders.

  • Same day cakes delivery  even on last-minute shopping orders
  • Time-oriented delivery at your doorstep.
  • Affordable cake prices
  • Yummy flavors and beautiful designs
  • Discounts and coupons to be availed
  • Delivery of cakes and gifts online to almost every major towns and cities in India.

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