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Unanimously voted as the cake of the century that is anticipated not just on birthdays or anniversary, a chocolate cake is also the cure for those times when you feel extra happy or sad. With the moist moist chocolate cake, moist chocolaty layers that look enticing enough to eat, as well as, the lovely chocolate filling and topping that drips chocolate transporting you to a chocolate haven, Indiagift comes with an excellent variety of best chocolate cakes to order cake online which can be ordered anytime or anywhere with the best online gifting site that boasts of the largest network for not only delivering gifts but also emotions.

As chocolate cake acts as the catalyst for several emotions, memories, and nostalgia, you can’t forego the idea of chocolate cakes, chocolate lava cake making an apt present, occasion or not, because of the happiness factor that comes with it. Thus, ensuring to make all your occasions a lovely and sweet atmosphere, you can now order chocolate cakes online from Indiagift’s online cake delivey in India featuring those beautiful chocolate cake design images as we promise to give you what you see. 

Order from a Variety of Chocolate Cakes 

At Indiagift, not only do we come up with the only the most awesome variety of cakes and other celebratory dishes, there’s none comparable to chocolate cakes. With Indiagift delivering wishes, we come up with an ultimate category of chocolate cakes that includes Oreo Choco cakes, chocolate truffle cakes, choco truffle cake, choco lava cake, chocolate mousse cake, Choco fudge cakes, chocolate fudge cake, chocolate strawberry cake and chocolate walnut cake, among many others. Thus, feast your taste buds on these finest varieties of dark chocolate cakes that are catered to fuel your chocolate obsession on multiple occasions to not only surprise your giftee but also you as you when you see your chocolate birthday cake, ferrero rocher cake, white chocolate, cakes for birthday being valued above everything else.

Send Eggless Chocolate Cakes 

Indiagift’s cake collection is not only diverse but encompasses all your needs, that’s why we include eggless cakes into our list which you to send cakes, anywhere in India. Devoid of eggs or any non-vegetarian ingredient, an eggless chocolate cake from Indiagift is as tasty as it looks, despite the composition. Baked with love and artfully decorated with fondant or intricate icing, you won’t be able to tell the difference between an eggless cakes or the ones with egg as we make sure that the sweetness of the cake and your gestures envelops everything else.

Online Chocolate Cake Delivery in India

At Indiagift, not only do we provide you with presents that contribute to memories but also exceptional services that make you want to come for more. Thus, with a steady stream of cakes both classic and trendy ones, you can send cakes to India, anytime, anywhere. With our gifting nexus that includes more than 1000 cities in India, you can deliver gifts same day delivery, same day cakes delivery in India, midnight cake which is the ultimate solution for those who are in the habit of resorting to a last-minute shopping spree. Armed with an extraordinary flavor like a chocolate cake with its decadent and addicting chocolate flavor as dutch truffle cake, choco chips cake the bonus present, you can serenade your beloved with it as you send anniversary cakes to India.

Personalized Chocolate Cakes from Indiagift

Cakes make a classic present on multiple occasions as people everywhere are enamored by their insatiable taste that triggers memories and cultivates new ones. To make these precious interludes unforgettable, Indiagift assists you with sending personalized photo cakes via online cakes delivery that leaves a lasting effect especially with a picture of the giftee on the top. Thus, when you order cakes online from Indiagift, you can ask the gifting experts to have it customized with a photo cake online that not only looks beautiful because of the giftee’s picture but also has that phenomenal chocolaty taste. 


Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Chocolate Cakes


1. What is the difference between a Swiss chocolate cake and a German chocolate cake ?

Ans. Swiss chocolate cake gets its name from the country who are master chocolatiers while a German chocolate cakes is infused with caramel in between the layers.

2. What is the right temperature for baking chocolate cake ?

Ans. The right temperature for baking a chocolate cake is 180 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. What is the temperature for baking cake in an electric oven ?

Ans. The temperature for baking cake in an electric oven is 350 F or 180 C.

4.  How to decorate a chocolate cake ?

Ans. A chocolate can be decorated with chocolate sauce, whipped cream or even fondant sheets and dry fruits.