Rakhi which Match your Brother’s Zodiac Sign

Rakhi which Match your Brother’s Zodiac Sign

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Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan tends to be an overwhelming affair which many treat as an ordeal. However, this festival is highly symbolic with the rakhi thread acting as the perfect substitute to symbolize the bond you have. The relationship which you share with your brother can be playful, serious, or a mixture of both, depending on your personalities. Therefore, if you want to add a twist to your rakhi celebrations, then send him a rakhi online which matches his zodiac sign and will certainly have far-reaching effects on your affinity. As each zodiac has a different color, these rakhis will follow the same color scheme and have been specifically chosen to keep his personality in mind and will be an instant hit.


Colors-Red, Yellow

The first of all zodiac signs, if your brother has Aries for his sun sign, then a rakhi in red and yellow color will be perfect for him. With red symbolizing his passionate streak, this particular color will be an extension of that very fiery color. Thus, a mauli rakhi with traditional red and yellow color is perfect for your brother.

2. Taurus

Colors-Green, Pink

Those with Taurus sun sign are well known for their stubborn, protective and commitment, which are also the usual traits of a typical brother. Therefore, a kundan rakhi with green and pink stones will be perfect to tie on your brother’s wrist.

3. Gemini

Colors-green, yellow

Geminis are a talkative lot who love people and company. Therefore, a designer rakhi will go with their flamboyant personality. A designer rakhi in shades of green and yellow will certainly go well with his vibrant personality and give people a lot to talk about him.

4. Cancer


The most sentimental of all, those brothers with cancer sun sign are sympathetic and caring, especially when it comes to their sisters. Therefore, to symbolize the pure love that these brothers reciprocate, a white pearl rakhi will be very much appreciated by these brothers who have a big heart.

5. Leo

Colors-Gold, Yellow, Orange

Leos with their loud and boisterous personality will go at any lengths to be center of attraction and your brother is no exception to that rule as you are now used to share the limelight with him. Therefore to match his fiery personality a flashy golden rakhi will be perfect and a memorable gift for him.

6. Virgo

Colorx-Grey, beige, pale-yellow

These solid personality types are often misunderstood as conventional when it comes to their methodical approach towards life. Therefore, if you have a serious type Virgo brother then you need a silk rakhi in their respective colors for a no-fuss celebration.

7. Libra

Colors-pink, green

Libras are the most approachable people ever who love to have company and are socially active than most. Therefore, for these busybodies who are not fond of being left on their own, a zardosi rakhi in the respective colors will go well with their vibrant and full of life personality.

8. Scorpion

Color- Red, rust

A red color traditional rakhi will be apt for your scorpion brother who is passionate and assertive to a fault, which can sometimes land him in trouble too. A red color rudraksha rakhi will be perfect when you tie it on his wrist as these rudrakshas are considered very sacred and bring good luck.

9. Sagittarius


Sagittarius, are the ones who embrace life whole-heartedly and are wanderers at heart. Therefore, for these free-spirited bohemians brothers, why not gift them a yellow stone lumba rakhi which will go well with their zest for life and makes them all the more attractive.

10. Capricorn

Colors- Brown, Black

For the no-nonsense brother who has no time for fuss or feathers, a metal bracelet rakhi is a perfect rakhi. This customized metal rakhi comes in shade of black and brown with your brother’s nickname or something like ‘Veera’ engraved on it which he can wear every day.

11. Aquarius

Colors- Light Blue, silver

These brainiacs are a creative bunch who thrive on extraordinary adventures and are cool minded, able to face any situations with their creative genius. Therefore, a peacock rakhi in colors of blue and silver will go perfect with their unique personality and will be an instant favorite.

12. Pisces

Colors- Mauve, lilac, purple

Pisces are the most genuine people who are kind at all times and even go the extra mile for you, and your brother is the living proof of that gentle spirit. Hence, a personalized rakhi will be perfect for those special people who need to be reminded again and again that they are special with a meaningful personalized rakhi to complement their personality.

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