Meaningful Gifts For Cool Dads On Father’s Day

10 Meaningful Gifts for Cool Dads on Father’s Day

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All dads are cool sans the superhero cape. This cool factor which attracts you so much is not so much in his looks or even his brain, rather it’s his quiet strength that fascinates people. Despite his goofy personality or even the not so funny dad jokes, your dad is one of the coolest people. While he sheds a nonchalant aura about some things, there are few moments where he lets down his guards to show what a thoughtful man he is. Therefore, this fathers day 2020, you can bring out the old softie’ inside him with meaningful father’s day gifts which will pull at his heartstrings for sure.

  1. Personalized Beer Mug – Your dad would no doubt love to unwind with some cold beer after a long day and a personalized photo mug is a great way to indulge him with it. These glass mugs can be customized with a mustache and a famous beer slogan which captures his love for beer.
  2. E-Gift Cards – For your techy savvy dad, there’s no better gift than something that is related to the latest technology in the market. To support his endeavor and interests, you can gift him an e-gift card that gives him access to google play store, Apple store, PlayStation or even some other e-store to buy anything his heart desires without worrying about the money.
  3. Fishing Hook/Camping Equipment – If your dad is an outdoorsy type, then he would surely love camping equipment or a fishing hook that he can use outdoors and be one with nature. These items make a lovely father’s day gift which your dad will remind you of, again and again.4.
  4. Monogrammed Cufflinks – To refine your dad’s polished looks, monogrammed cufflinks make an awesome father’s day gifts. This personalized piece of accessory can be customized with your father’s initials engraved on it so that whenever he sees them he will be reminded of you.
  5. Personalized Coffee Mug – A coffee mug is a utilitarian product and your dad will no doubt love this mug which is customized especially for him. With photos of your dad or his favorite book lines and movie dialogues printed on it, this personalized coffee mug will be something he will cherish a lot.
  6. Tickets To His Favorite Sporting Even A Musical Gig – Honor your dad’s wishes this father’s day by presenting him tickets to watch his favorite team or band. Also, you can accompany him and have a memorable father-son/daughter time.
  7. DIY Father’s Day Card – Whether you have artistic talents or not, a DIY father’s day card will remind your dad of those little notes and cards which you exchanged with him.
  8. Personalized Gift Hamper – Nobody complains of some extra love and a personalized gift hamper does just that. This personalized gift hamper for fathers contains grooming kits, shower kits, and edible products, etc.
  9. A Leather Journal or Planner– You are no stranger to your dad’s busy lifestyle and a planner will only help him to be orderly. Similarly, a leather journal will help him gather his thoughts or pin them down at night, only to look it up later.
  10. Spend Time With Him– Spending time with your dad and making some lovely memories is the best gift you can give to your dad on this Happy Father’s Day 2020.

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