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Creative Bonding Activities to Celebrate Father’s Day

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In the usual humdrum of life and obligations, our relations take a backseat, and as we grow older, our relationship with our parents tends to grow stale. Unlike your mother who is more open to public displays of affection your father prefers to keep his emotions on a tight rein and even if he misses he wants you to follow your dreams, no matter what. Therefore, this father’s day makes some new memories with him which will sustain him even when you are away. He will not only drawback to those precious moments spent with you, but also draw comfort from them when you are away. Therefore, if you have figured everything out for fathers day gifts think again, because these awesome bonding activities with dad will make you think harder.


Geocaching in Minnesota: Thrilling Treasure Hunts in Nature | Explore  Minnesota

A slightly more advanced version of a scavenger hunt, geocaching calls out to all adventure freaks, out there. This outdoor recreational activity employs a global positioning system receiver mobile device to find caches or other hidden items at a specific location with the help of coordinates. This extremely fun loving activity will be an instant favorite with your fun-loving father if he is interested in this outdoor stuff and will help you spend some quality time with your father. Besides, the ‘catches’ you will surely find out some hidden talents of your dad you didn’t know that existed before planning to go geocaching with your dad on father’s day.

2.A Dad-Kid Cook-Off

cooking with dad

Food is the soul of life and your father can’t agree more. As much as you enjoy eating food, preparing it can be equally fun and when you have your dad in the kitchen, things are going to become sizzling hot. This father’s day, plan a cook-off competition with your dad and brush up your cooking and culinary skills. Not only will you learn how to sustain yourself, but also be surprised to know some great things about your dad. After all, there’s nothing better than bonding over food that you can prepare and eat later and make your memories with dad, a surprisingly good one you both can look up to. Also, the underlying motto is to make the best memories and cooking with dad certainly tops the list.

3.Tickets To A Sporting Event, Art Show Or Musical Day

bonding activities with daddy

Loving someone means you have to go out of your way to show that their interests matter to you as much as you value them. Your father may be the one who’s a lot passive about his emotions, but spending some quality time with him doing things he loves will certainly tear him up. Therefore, in order to bond with your dad and even catch up on old times, buy tickets to a sporting event or an art show or even a musical gig. Your father will be definitely touched by this generous and thoughtful gesture which will make father’s day more than memorable for him, as you participate in these bonding activities with daddy.

4.A Dad Talent Show

Talent Show Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

Your dad’s exceptional skills can be perceived in the way he goes on with his life. Taking his role and responsibilities as a father and husband as seriously as possible, there’ no doubt he has some inherent talent to make everything seems so easy. This fathers day you can witness a whole new side of your dad as you watch him perform musically, dance, mimic or show off his multiple talents that may or may not have kept you entertained throughout your childhood. Not only can you include your dad in it but also your uncles, brothers, grandparents and other males of your acquaintance to impress everybody with their talent besides the obvious one as an awesome dad.

5.A Day In The Wild

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If your dad is an outdoorsy type, then he sure loves to be in the wild where your childhood trips are filled with camping trips and star gazing. This father’s day, recreate those old memories and watch your dad’s love for nature and outdoors shine through with a plethora of bonding adventures activities you can do in the wild with your daddy. From camping to bonfires, hiking, fishing, trekking and rippling, your dad would love this adventurous activity with which will become all the more special when you are there to celebrate it with him.

6 Spend Time Doing Anything Or Nothing


Free Photo | Dad spending time with his sons

Father’s day call for some bonding time and father’s day provide you with the perfect excuse. You can spend the day nothing and just laze around the house doing relaxing things which you don’t otherwise get to do because of the crazy schedules. Also, you can go creative by giving your dad a heartfelt, DIY for father’s day presents, which will only make the day a very special one. Including handmade father’s day card or even a scrapbook containing your best pictorial memories of your father, this simple DIY presents will appeal your dad even if you are not artistically gifted and will be the perfect addition to his collection.


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