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Exciting Gift Ideas for Kanjak in Navratri

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Exciting Gift Ideas for Kanjak in Navratri

Are you prepared to celebrate the auspicious Kanjak Puja in Navratri? The sacred Kanjak Puja festival is observed on either the eighth or ninth day of Navratri. The propitious Kanya Pujan popularly known as kanjak Puja is celebrated on the eighth or ninth day of Navratri.  On this special day, Hindu households invite nine young girls and a boy to their house. It is believed that these nine girls represent the forms of Maa Durga. The boy is symbolic of the supreme Bhakti Lord Hanuman

It is a strong belief that presenting kanjak gifts to kids on Kanya pujan brings prosperity to the entire family. People invoke the blessings of Maa Durga by offering kanjak puja gifts as a mark of respect and reverence to Maa Durga.

This Gift-giving during Navratri to kids holds a special significance. Kanjak Puja rituals are performed by the pundit and special Bhog of Puri Chana and halwa is served after the Puja. After distributing kanjak Bhog follows the exciting ritual of giving kanjak puja gifts to the children. At Indiagift.in there is a gamut of remarkable Kanjak gift ideas that will spread love and joyfulness.

It is always best to give meaningful gifts for kanjak puja. However, selecting affordable kanjak gifts is a time-consuming task. There are multiple auspicious gift ideas for kanjak in Navratri that you can choose from.

With these thrilling gift ideas for Kanjak in Navratri, you can plan something unique for kids on this auspicious Kanjak Puja day. These ideas will make your navratri festival planning smooth and easy. These include;

Pencil Set with Notebook 

This is an ideal kanjak gift idea for kids. Colorful wooden pencils with a notebook are bound to make their study time more interesting. You can buy pencil sets and notebooks in different colors and designs. You can also select from a gamut of colorful handmade pencil sets that are attractively designed with bright caps and packed elegantly. This will make their study time more interesting

Coloring books with crayons

 Kids simply love to receive this gift as they are fond of making and coloring sceneries or pictures of animals. Coloring books are available in varied sizes and with different designs.

Lunch boxes 

See the kids smiling as they receive this wonderful Kanjak gift. To make this gift more interesting you can fill their lunch boxes with sweets and candies.They will be thrilled to receive this wonderful kanjak gift.

Water bottles and sippers 

This is one of the most practical and affordable kanjak gifts ideas. Kids love to carry colorful water bottles and sippers filled with juice or cool water to school or in the playground.

Small handbags 

This is an ideal gift for every kanjak in navratri. Small handbags with slings are available in numerous colors and designs. Kids can put their interesting accessories, small toys, wallets or comb sets in their hand bags

Smiley stamp sets

This pack of stamp sets made of plastic is sure to light their faces. The stamps made with red ink have pictures of all emojis depicting different emotions. This is an affordable Kanjak gift idea. These stamps can be attached to the back of a pen or pencil.

Educational toys and puzzles

Kids are excited as they receive this gift. A healthy sense of competition motivates them to solve these educational puzzles. It is the best way to stimulate their young minds as they are motivated to spend time away from electronic gadgets and phones. 

Decorative diyas, scented candles and key chains

Girls are thrilled to receive a set of decorative and colorful diyas on this auspicious day. They can put oil and light them at night. Children love to put their keys in the key chains as this makes them feel more responsible and grown up.

Owl erasers with pencil cases 

This is one of the most exciting kanjak gifts for kids. This makes rubbing mistakes and correcting them more fun. They can put them in their pencil box and show them to their friends in school

Hair accessories

Girls love to receive hairpins, hair bands, and hair clips. This exciting gifts preads instant happiness and excitement in the hearts of   kids

Balloons with a pack of sweets

This is a wonderful kanjak gift idea as kids love to play with colorful balloons. A pack of ladoos or chocolates is equally exciting. This gift is a token of affection and love. Create an atmosphere of joy and elation with this wonderful gift.

Board games

 Promote the spirit of togetherness and team spirit with this unique gift set. Kids love to play interesting board games in their free time as they are exciting and relaxing as well.

Fruit juice packs with biscuits

This healthy and practical kanjak gift option. Kids can carry juice tetra packs and biscuits to school and share it with their friends.

Cosmetic gift hamper

This is an ideal Navratri gift during kanya pujan for young girls. An attractively packed gift hamper with all mirror, nail enamel, colorful bangles lipstick , and comb set makes an ideal kanjak gift idea.


  Attractive Stuffed toys, exciting kitchen sets, dolls, and doctor sets are a stimulating kanjak gift idea. This gift option is budget friendly and exciting for young avatars of goddess Durga.

Tray set with two Mugs

A colorful tray set with attractive mugs is a practical gift idea.  You can also give some savory snacks that kids can instantly enjoy such as banana chips, popcorn, or milkshake.


Bracelets, clip-on earrings, and colorful bangles are an interesting idea for gifting young girls. These are some of the budget-friendly and cute gifts for kanjaks.

Consider aforesaid unique gift ideas for Kanjak in Navratri and celebrate this momentous festival of prayer and invocation of Maadurga. Indiagift is one of the leading online platforms that offer a wide range of fascinating kanjak puja gifts that are affordable and can be ordered from the convenience of your home. So, without any further delay select the best one of your choice and bring a smile to the faces of young Kanjaks.

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