Gag Gift Ideas Which Are Perfect for Birthdays

10 Gag Gift Ideas Which Are Perfect for Birthdays!

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You may have heard of gag gifts on April fool’s day, but a gag gift on a birthday is something very rare. Undoubtedly, these practical jokes make the best memories and what better occasion than a birthday? When your friend or cousin is expecting something opulent, a gag gift wouldn’t have been something on their mind and would definitely leave them speechless. Want to see your giftee at a loss of words and then give way to a hysterical fit? A gag gift will make a wonderful memory and will be the perfect gift, nonetheless. Browse through these top 10 gag gifts for birthdays which also make the craziest gifts and make an even wonderful memory.

  • Personalized Beer Mug– A gag gift which is actually usable? A personalized beer mug is just that. This glass or ceramic mug is customized by putting a funny slogan or a meme that perfectly captures your recipient’s love for beer. You can even have it personalized by having their picture or a silhouette printed on the front so that your man can stake his claim. Whether it’s your husband, father, guy friend, grandfather, brother or uncle, a personalized beer mug certainly tops the list for birthday gifts for boyfriend or any male of your acquaintance. Your man would certainly have a good laugh over it as he unwinds with this beer mug.Personalised Bear Mug
  • Squirt Flower– Flowers are an expressive gift which channels your deepest and strongest emotions in the most sophisticated manner. With their aesthetic appeal, nobody will suspect anything when you gift them a squirt flower. You can just casually walk up to your friend with it and extend this flower in their direction and once they catch hold of it to catch a whiff, just squeeze the tiny water bottle and spray the water. Your loved one will be more than surprised when a stream of water catches them squarely in the face which will give way to hysterical fit. These squirt flowers can also be ordered as an online birthday gift from gifting stores and websites.
    Squirt Flower
  • Graphic Tees– Graphic tees make the best gifts as they are trendy and equally comfortable when you step out with it and make a fashion statement on your own. To make sure that your t-shirt makes a wonderful gag gift, have it customized with a nerdy and humorous slogan. Your giftee will no doubt appreciate the humor behind it and love to step out with it. You can even have ‘couple tees’ designed with funny quotes like ‘Thing 1’ and ‘Thing 2’ printed on it. These customized graphic tees make the best birthday gifts for girlfriend, which she would love to show off wherever she goes.
    Graphic Tees from IndiaGift
  • Fridge Magnet– For a constant reminder of your love, wrapped in a wicked sense of humor, a fridge magnet will certainly come in handy. Available in various types like dogs’ hind legs or even chewed gums, it would be fun to watch the freaked out look play out on your loved one’s face when you gift it to them. These fridge magnets do not appear like magnets at first but a practical joke and only when you examine it, you come to know their other purpose.fridge magnate
  • Bobblehead -You would have seen bobbleheads of famous personalities like Einstein or Mr. Bean, but what’s the fun in gifting those? If a bobblehead is something you are considering to gift, then send your love and have it personalized with their face bobbing on the stocky plastic body. A personalized bobblehead is awesome as birthday gift ideas go and will occupy the prime position on your loved one’s desk.
  • Backward Clock– A backward clock certainly amounts to a gag gift as who wouldn’t be fascinated and amused by a clock with a dial that has reversed numbers and goes anti-clockwise? Also, it would make a unique home decor item and a whacky piece that will attract everybody’s attention.Backyard Watch
  • A Photo Cake– Cakes are the most anticipated gifts on birthdays, so have a photo cake delivered to your loved one with their most embarrassing picture on top to surprise them. You can have these photo cakes sent with same day birthday gifts delivery when you are away and still get to make unforgettable memories for your loved ones, from miles away.A Photo Cake from IndiaGift
  • Personalized Dart Board-What’s funnier than a dart board which features your giftee’s face or someone they don’t fancy much? With an actual face you want to puncture, and take out your frustration, throwing darts has never been this fun.
    Personalized Dart Board
  • An Oldie’ Survival Kit Gift Hamper-There’s no better reminder that you are growing old than your birthday. To remind your friend of that, why not surprise him/ her with an oldie’ survival kit gift hamper? Containing gift items like gift hampers, glasses, dentures, and other items which you think is suitable for an old person, this Oldie’ survival kit gift hamper makes an awesome personalized gift.
  • Watch Ya’ Mouth Game– This trendy game is a lovely present which can be played with friends and family. With a cheek retractor or mouth guard resisting the player from speaking, every other person will have a good laugh at their expense as everybody gets a try at this awesome gag gift. When looking to buy a birthday gift, this awesome game needs to make your list.
    Watch Ya’ Mouth Game
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