When is Chocolate Day 2020? How to Celebrate Chocolate Day?

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Although we wish that every day is a chocolate day, it’s officially scheduled to be on 9th February 2020. For a sweet start to your Chocolate Day 2020 Valentine Week, chocolates are a sweet gesture both literally and figuratively. With an addictive taste that is nothing less than ambrosia that leaves everybody with an insatiable craving for this heavenly concoction, chocolates not only tastes sweet to our taste buds but also satisfy our soul. Thus, the chocolate day is that one day where you not only gift your loved one’s chocolates but also have the legit excuse to indulge yourself to have more than one bite of these lovely treats. It’s certainly hard to imagine our world if the Mayans and the Aztecs hadn’t discovered this manna which we desire not just on special occasions but also for random moments that become sweeter with these lovely treats.

Therefore, the chocolate day gives us a lovely respite to make sure that this day is nothing short of spectacular as you spend it by sending not just chocolate but a king sure that your gift is a creative one. Thus, go through this list of best chocolate gifts for Valentine’s day and make your gift more creative and use it for celebrating the chocolate day in all its grandeur.

Chocolate Bouquets

Keeping up with the valentine theme and the message of love, flowers will be undoubtedly thrown in whatever you think is sweet and romantic. However, you can substitute this sweet gesture with something sweet like chocolate to keep up with the idea of the day. Thus, a chocolate bouquet seems like the perfect online valentine gifts for him that will make your loved one know that you put a lot of thought into your gift. Just like a flower bouquet, a chocolate bouquet has chocolates of different shapes and sizes, springing out instead of flowers, surprising your giftee when they see this bouquet at first. Also, a chocolate bouquet trumps flowers bouquet anytime as you can then eat the lovely things and not just satisfy yourself with smelling it when you combine both chocolates and flowers in a bouquet to send best valentine gift for girlfriend.

Assorted Chocolate Box

Just as the day prescribes, you cannot celebrate the chocolate day without chocolates as they are mandatory. However, instead of impressing your loved one with some usual chocolates, you can make sure they have a surreal experience by gifting them a lovely box of assorted chocolates as valentine day gifts for husband. Although a little expensive, the result will be worth it when you witness your loved one in post chocolate consumption bliss that comes after feasting on gourmet chocolates that are a work of art on its own.

Chocolate Cake

Although there are different types of chocolates available, you can never forget the addictive taste of chocolates, maybe that’s why even old people love chocolates as they just can’t give up the lovely taste. Thus, chocolate cake is one perfect way to celebrate this day as you opt for late-night cake delivery. While cakes are usually seen as a celebratory tradition, chocolate cake is the apt contender as it’s not only a cake but also contains the wonderful taste of chocolate, conveying the love that you have for your loved ones and you. Available in various flavors like chocolate truffle, chocolate mud cake, chocolate fudge cake and more, you can order them via midnight cakes delivery from Indiagift.

Handmade Chocolate Bar

If you want to impress your loved one on the chocolate day then you need to go the extra mile, which implies that you need to be more creative and as the day calls for chocolate to be involved, thus, you can always craft chocolate at home as valentine gifts for wife. While you may be no chocolatier, it’s easy to heat chocolate and mix sugar and butter in it along with and any other ingredient and leave it to cool down in stencil that is specially fashioned after your loved one. You can either have a stencil customized for them or even their name carved on it before filling it with liquid chocolate, or leave it down to cool down and voila! Your personalized chocolate is ready to be eaten and will touch your loved one’s heart when they see your ingenuous valentine day gifts idea.

Chocolate and Candy Personalized Basket

Who can resist the sweet and lovely combination of chocolate and candies, especially when that someone has a sweet tooth? Thus, if your loved one is fond of sweets, then this personalized basket is enough to give any normal person a sugar rush as it’s supposed to contain all the lovely treats that your loved one will look for in a candy store. Also, a personalized candy and chocolate basket is the best gift you can order with same day delivery gift online when you feel clueless about what to gift to your loved one on chocolate day as you can just fill the basket with all kinds of candies and chocolates available and watch your loved one’s eyes lit up like a kid when they view your gift.

A Lovely Quote Related to Chocolate Day

There’s nothing more special than a gift or wishes that contain a more personal touch. Thus, to match the occasion you can write special quotes and wishes and send it to your loved ones, however, the only stipulation is that they should be related to the chocolate day. Thus, make sure that you come up with a quote or wish that is as sweet as chocolate and give it to the ones you love with chocolate in tow- because just as Charles M. Schulz says “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

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