Birthday Gifts for Zodiac Sign – Sagittarius

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With the year drawing to close, others may feel drained but a Sagittarius’ enthusiasm remains unmatched as these free-spirited people have such a zest for life that is unparalleled. Well-known for their wanderlust, these globe trotters are wonderful human beings with an excellent sense of humor, idealistic and philosophical views and honesty that can sometimes lead them to trouble. Thus, for these exuberant human beings who believe in living life to the best and have their birthday between November 22 to December 21, you need a gift that is special as them. Firm believers in seizing the day and every opportunity provided, it can be quite tricky to pick out the perfect gift for your loved ones who share their sun sign with Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, and other celebratory figures, thus, make sure that you pick out at least one gift for the Sagittarians you know.

Personalized Mugs

Zodiac Sign Mug

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Although Sagittarians are the most easy-going people, they value special gestures just like anybody and a personalized mugs is a gift that will cherish wherever life takes them. These personalized mugs may be a cliché gift but when you add a personal element to it, it becomes one of the kinds that have more value in the feeling behind it rather than the economic ones. Hence, you can always have personalized mugs customized with the Sagittarius sign that will greet your loved one every morning reminding them how special they are. Besides the sun sign, you can also have the picture of the loved one printed on it and make it extra special when you send gifts to India online

Personalized Travel Kit

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If there are gifts for girlfriend that comes close to your Sagittarius’ utilitarian items list, then it’s a personalized travel kit. The best thing about a travel kit is that it is an extremely useful gift or rather a series of gifts that will come in handy whenever your loved one is out in the world. Thus, a travel kit usually contains your essentials, Swiss army knife, toiletries and other tidbits you hold precious. Also, there are several travel kits present for both men and women as combination gifts online with different items that will help them during travels and remind them of you wherever they are while being counted among wonderful birthday gifts for boyfriend


For a globe trotter who loves to be on the move always, souvenirs are not a new thing as they are the ones who usually give it to you when they come across them on their numerous trips. To encourage them in their pursuit, you can send them a souvenir as birthday presents for a girlfriend that will remind them of you always. Whether it’s a globe or a customized item like a personalized t-shirt, personalized key chain or a towel that has a personal touch to it and is a noteworthy gesture. Not only does this personal souvenir beat any other creative birthday gifts for girlfriend that you come across but it also sparks a new interest in her.

Personalised Key chain - Indiagift

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Master Planner

Leather Personal Planner-Brown

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It easy to make an educated guess about the organized chaos that reigns in the life of any Sagittarians who spend his time going after various pursuits to advance their knowledge about all the cultures and people out there. Thus, a master planner works as wonderful birthday gifts for a girlfriend that will help him keep track of all the things that need to be prioritized, besides listing out a schedule, important business meetings, and personal pursuits. A master planner then helps you score more points on account of the year coming to an end and this planner will certainly help them get their plans in order while listing the ones for the new year.

Traveler Theme Cake

Car Cakes - Indiagift

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Just as you cannot celebrate a birthday without a cake, you cannot keep away a traveler away from their exploits. Juxtaposing both these aspects of a Sagittarius’ life, a traveler theme cakes comes very close to your idea of spell-bounding gifts for girlfriend. Thus, this fondant and cream delicacy can have all the aspects of a traveler’s life whether its the map of the place they have traveled or globes, suitcases, and passports as well as lovely pictures printed from their adventures around the world making it a replica of their life.


Humorous Book

It’s true that books are a friend of life and therefore, a precious gift for everyone you come across. Hence, if you think that there’s something a Sagittarius will appreciate then count a humorous book in because if there’s someone who appreciates the humor more than anybody else, it’s a Sagittarius. Hence, whether it’s a satire, comic book or even a book of lame jokes, the words and gesture will have to bring out a wonderful response from your loved one. Thus, order a lovely book online and watch her get excited by such books as presents on the birthday of girlfriend.

Chocolate Bouquets

Two Tier Chocolate Bouquet

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Surprise and Sagittarius don’t just share the same first letters but something that will go together that you can witness when you surprise your loved one with this amazing chocolate bouquet. Thus, order a chocolate bouquet online as an online gift for her and have it customized with your girl’s favorite flowers and chocolates who will be overjoyed at the sight of her two favorite things together. Also, with so many gifting sites working to make sure that your lovely feeling is perfectly conveyed, send this gift with midnight gift delivery in Bangalore.

Carpe Diem Lockets

Having known a Sagittarius, you cannot avoid the fact that if these lovely people ever had a motto it would surely be the Latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ which means to seize the day. Thus, every Sagittarius is a living proof of phrase seizing the day and making the most of it, making sure that it’s an adventure not just for them but also for their loved ones. Thus, have a customized carpe diem locket crafted from them and present it as a romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend to make sure that they never let go of their wanderlust. With engraved syllables on black metal that give it an ornate vibe, a carpe diem pendant will make a perfect gift. Also, you can even have a pendant customized according to a Sagittarius sun sign that resembles the archer with a bow.

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