7 Ways to Celebrate Teacher's Day in Home

Ways to Celebrate Teacher’s Day in Home

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Every year On 5 September we celebrate Teacher’s Day in our country. All the schools and educational institutions celebrate the birth anniversary of philosopher and academician Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. On this day we thank our teachers and gurus of our life. Because of them, we are doing great in our life. On this day we orgainze a party for our teachers and we offer presents to our teachers. This year everything is changed, schools are closed and we are doing online classes because of the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many schools opted for the online culture because we are following the safety protocols. If all the other festivals are celebrated virtually the why not teachers’ day. Let make this teacher’s day virtually or at home. We are some amazing gift ideas for the teachers’ day celebration.

  • Teachers Day With Technology

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This year create history while celebrating teachers’ day with the help of technology.  Create good memories while celebrating. You can make some #tag for your teacher and thank him/her for helping you.  You can use these # tags on virtual stickers, Facebook, tweeter, etc in different places and say thank you to your teacher.

  • Picture collage


Make some picture collage of your teacher and send to her with some thank you for a message from every student of the class. With this, your teacher will be touched.

  • Write a poem for your teacher

You can write one beautiful poem for your teacher and through that poem say thank you to your teacher. Surly your teacher will love your efforts.

  • Send gift for teachers  

  • Special Teacher Mug

You can send some beautiful gifts to your teacher through some delivery agent. Give a surprise to your teacher.

  • Create a video for your teacher

Prepare some video for your teacher in which every student of your class some thank your to your teacher and do some amazing musical activity in the video.

  • Perform for your teacher virtually

On the teacher’s, day performs some dance or sing something for your teacher, do it together before your class and appreciate your teacher.  

  • Prepare webpage

You can also create a web page for your teacher and on that page appreciate your teacher and tell your teacher how important he/she is for you. Say thank you mam/sir on the webpage and publish that page online.

  • Make a sketch of your teacher

Show your artistic skill and prepare a sketch of your teacher. Once the sketch is complete, send that sketch to your teacher with some notes.

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