Best Teachers Day gift ideas for your loving teacher

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A person you can trust your most loved thing, your child, with is nothing but the most trustworthy and reliable person on earth for you. A person who brings the best out of your child, polishes his innate skills, refines his personality and makes him a better person is a teacher. Appreciating the teacher is something you should always do –off and on. You can think about teachers day gift but it is for sure that you will get muddled, because it is not an easy thing to think about. You need to think of best gift ideas after all it is the teacher you are going to give a present to. You do not need to go to the super store and buy expensive things, you can simply make some gifts for teachers day yourself.
1.  You can take some pencils in different colors, make flowers or stars. Beautify these pencils with these flowers or stars. You can sprinkle some glitter on the top. Make a basket or bouquet of these and put some ribbons. She can keep this beautiful basket on her table or window and this practical present will last longer than any other teachers day gift.

2.  You can make fabric bookmarks for your teacher. This practical gift is really handy. You can choose different colors and prints of the cloth. On the top you can put some buttons or frills. You can further its beauty by painting her name with fabric paint.

3. Make sticky note holder for your loving teacher, she will love it. Take a cardboard, wrap it with a colorful fabric or gift sheet. Fix the sticky note diary in it with glue. Now decorate the front cover of diary with some design. At the back side fix a magnet or sticky hook so she can hang it and use it whenever she requires.

4.   Another of best gifts ideas for your teacher is to give her personalized mug. Decorate the mug with some paint and glitters. Wrap a piece of corrugated sheet around the mug. Use small buttons to wrote your favorite teachers name. This inexpensive gift can be really useful for her. She can use it as a pencil, pen or ruler container.

5. Take a small treat bag, cut the top corners and fold it on the front side. Now place some chocolates inside and staple it close. Now make some cute eyes, of owl or of cat, and out put it on the front side. You can further decorate the bag by adding more details. Do not forget to put a tag with a beautiful quotation. It can be one of the great gifts for teachers day.

6.  One of the best gifts for teachers day can be something you have made with your own hands. You can bake some cookies or muffins for your favorite teacher. Take a mason jar. Put these homemade cookies or muffins in it. Wrap a ribbon around the neck of the jar. Now put a tag of your teachers name with a big thank you written on it.

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