First Anniversary Celebration Idea

A Time-Guide of First Anniversary Celebration Ideas

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Love is one emotion which needs to be celebrated and anniversaries are one occasion that celebrates the romantic love between a couple with unique romantic gifts, ideas, and gestures. Whether it’s the distance, busy schedules, communication issues or any other obstacles that put a dampener on your romantic retreat, love never fails. Living together as a husband and wife you have had your first-hand experiences of challenges that make you question your love and choices, but the first wedding anniversary symbolizes the victory of your love and the milestone you both passed. Whether you are in the honeymoon phase or past it, some days like your anniversary requires a romantic serenade for celebrating the first anniversary and these awesome celebration ideas are spiced with romance. With a time slotted frame, plan your whole day accordingly and let your partner in for a romantic rendezvous which they will remember for years to come.

  • 12:00-1:00 AM, Anniversary eve cake

There’s bound to be a lot of anticipation and excitement for the big day and just like Christmas eve the little child inside you cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds. For your anniversary eve, you may have a hard time sleeping thinking about what tomorrow entails and how you can make it magical for your partner. For such a time as this, there’s nothing more magical than a cake at midnight to serenade your love with this sweet gift. A happy wedding anniversary cake at your anniversary eve sounds just about magical and perfect, and your partner will no doubt agree to that.

  • 08:00- 09:00 AM, Breakfast in bed

Breakfast and bed seem like such good ideas, but when both of them are thrown together breakfast in bed seems like a utopia, no less. Therefore, for a bright and blissful start to your special day prepare breakfast for your partner and serve it to them in the bed itself. This lovely gesture speaks of lazy mornings where you can pamper your loved one with food and a comfortable bed to share the warmth that permeates your relationship. With the smell of coffee and eggs wafting through the room, your loved one would love to wake up to it and will even mistake it for a dream.

  • 12:00 PM, flowers, and chocolate delivery

No gift is as expressive and romantic than flowers which are known for their cheerful disposition and amicable aura. Although cliché, a flower bouquet is somewhat expected and when it’s overflowing with luscious red roses your partner will love this swoon-worthy gesture. Symbolizing love and passion, red roses are a classically endowed to send a romantic message of love to your beloved. These anniversary flowers will not so much as surprise her but make her realize of your strong love for her, whether she’s in the office, amidst the cahoots of her employees or at home.

  • 01:30-03:00 PM, A picnic lunch

Nothing beats some solitude time with your favorite person in the world, and a picnic is just the thing you both need. A picnic in a park sounds excellent and is an equally simple and sweet gesture that will help you both shed off your responsibilities an obligation for a while to just enjoy each other’s company. You can sit together in blissful silence or whisper sweet nothings in each other air or read a book while he lays his head on your lap. With a light lunch, a book and each other’s company and some shade, customize your lunch date picnic and earn brownie points.

  • 06:00 PM, An evening doing your favorite thing

With the beautiful sunset colors behind you, doing your favorite thing with your partner sounds nothing short of spectacular. It can include some bizarre things like a hot air balloon ride or something mundane like ice-skating or a museum tour or something which both of you enjoy. After all, what better way to fulfill your fantastic evening when you have a ready partner who support your crazy ideas and steady endeavors? An evening of some fun activity with your partner is nothing short of perfect as you end it on a sweet note with an anniversary gift for husband for keepsake memories.

  • 08:30 PM, A candlelight dinner at home/restaurant

Recreate your first dinner date with your partner with a candlelight dinner and bond over food and wine. With the candlelight creating a halo around her face and his eyes shining with love, recreate a movie scene at your home itself. For this lovely dinner, either cook at home or order a take-out and set the table cloth with cutlery and napkins, as you share stories, both known and unknown and witness your partner in a whole new light. A candlelight dinner just shouts romance; with shared looks over glass rims and those light touches promising something better, celebrate the mood and the person who made it all possible.

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