Cake Delivery in Gangtok

Want Online Cake Delivery in Gangtok? Get Cake at Your Doorstep With IndiaGift

Everyone in the Gangtok area has one’s own idea as to what should be included in a cake for a special occasion. Some people prefer to have fresh fruit on their cakes. Others want to get chocolate all around from the batter to the fondant or icing. Some might prefer fruit flavors with strawberry being a popular choice. The options people have for great cakes are vast but it always helps to see what you can find when looking for a strong and unique cake. After all, a cake needs to be made with the utmost attention to detail for it to be great and worthwhile.

Regardless of what you prefer to get out of your birthday or special occasion cakes, you can contact us to get something outstanding and special in its look. The selection of cakes we have at is immense and includes various special layouts for everyone to enjoy.

We have chocolate truffle cakes, cakes with strawberry slices laid out all around and even ones with brand name candies all around. Our cakes range from simple to elegant.

Opt from Extensive Cake Varieties & Send Cake To Gangtok

As you order a cake from us, you can get a special layout with an attractive look all around. You can get a cake with special toppings all around or even ones with unique borders. Some options can come with special fillings that add a special flavor.

You can even order cupcakes from us. These include options with many fillings and an assortment of flavors. You have the ability to customize these great treats in any way you see fit.

See what we have when looking to send cakes to Gangtok. Our cakes are available in many forms that suit all the special needs you might have for such a distinct dessert for everyone to enjoy.

We have a collection of 55 Products for sale, range starts from INR 499 to INR 1361