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How elaborate do you want your cake to be? When you online deliver cakes to Chhapra, you have the option to stick with one of many great cake designs. There are no limits as to how detailed or specific a cake might be.

You can order a cake with several tiers on its body. Many birthday cakes are made with two or three tiers. Each tier can come with its own flavor and colour layout although you can always make them the same all the way through if desired. Some special artistic accents can be added onto the sides or flat bases of each of these tiers too.

A cake can also be designed to look like a race car, a heart, a guitar or anything else you want it to be. Let us know what you want out of online cakes to Chhapra and we will find a way to get a cake created to your specifics.

Online Cake Delivery in Chhapra - indiagift

Sr. No. Occasion Cake Flavors Price Under
1. Birthady Chocolate Rs. 599
2. Anniversary Black Forest Rs. 699
3. Wedding Vanilla Rs. 599
4. New Year Black Currant Rs. 799

Send Cake to Chhapra For Special Occasions

In addition to getting a distinct shape ready for your birthday or anniversary cakes, you can also add custom icing features. You could add a person’s name onto the top or a photo printout that can be scanned and then digitally added onto the top with edible icing. Whatever it is, we at will help you find a choice that adds a good layout.

You can even get special graphic layouts produced with icing organized to create a distinct shape. You could get a racecar pattern or a superhero layout on your cake among other things. We will figure out the proper colours to use and then produce a beautiful layout based on the arrangement you want to use. Our special occasion cakes offer some fun layouts you will want to have for your exciting party. Just tell us what you want and we will produce something with a fun style.

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