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When Is Friendship Day Celebrated?

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There are several words to describe a relation, but only one combines them all i.e. friendship. Friendship is the base of any relation and it conveys the message of understating between two persons, group and communities. Although every day can be the friendship day if you show your feeling with each other, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August all over the world celebrated.

Friendship Day History: –

There is no specific reason behind celebrating friendship day apart from the formal proclamation passed by US Congress after the First World War in 1935. However, the basic idea behind the friendship day was firstly given by Joyce Hall (Founder of hallmark card) during 1930. This thought was also supported by the National Greeting card association, but people find this as a promotional stunt to promote greeting cards at that time. Later the US government supported this idea by setting an example of winning over mistrust and hatred between countries.  From that day onwards, they marked every first Sunday of August as friendship day gifts, and seeing these other countries also adopted this idea.  Below is the list for the next five upcoming friendship days:

   Date Year
   5th August 2018
4th August 2019
2nd August 2020
1st august 2021
7th August 2022

Although friends do not need any reason to celebrate their friendship, but still they try to meet on this day. On this day, they plan outing trips, throw surprise parties, arrange to get together, and also exchange lots of different gifts. Unlike the old era, today this internet generation has so many options to make unique plans for this day. On one click, you will find a home delivery option of chocolate Delivery, flower bouquet, handmade gifts, and personalized cakes.

Types of Best Personalized Gifts:

Some pocket-friendly gifts include friendship bands, bracelets, pendant, handwritten cards, personalized t-shirts, and photo collages. Few extraordinary gifts combine a rare collection of ornaments, wristwatches, shopping vouchers, handmade chocolate bouquet, and now a day engraving tattoo is also a famous trend among youngsters.

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