Birthday Gifts Ideas for Writers

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Writers fall in different categories. Some writers write novels, blogs, columns for magazines etc. all have their own ways of writing skills and categories. Each and every writer is different and they have different needs. If you are looking for unique gifts for writers then we are having a few amazing gift ideas for writers because all writers deserve the best gifts of their life. Rather than choosing the stack of notebook or pen sets. You can choose something different which is thoughtful and useful also. So here are our happy birthday gift ideas for writers.

  • Dalton Ergonomic Task Chair

We all know writing is not easy and it is a very time-consuming process. You can save your favorite writer’s back and booty with an ergonomic desk chair. This chair is very comfortable for those who spend long hours writing their inspiration strikes because this chair has five supportive back positions. These personalized gifts help you to stay relaxed.

• Dalton Ergonomic Task Chair

  • Espresso Machine

An espresso machine is best for the person who spends their nights writing their inspirational thoughts. For all-nighters, an espresso machine can come in a clutch with birthday cakes. Because coffee shops are not open at night and you can make your own coffee at night and it will be very refreshing to get coffee at 3.00 Am.

Espresso Machine

  • MasterClass Annual Membership

If you want to give some very amazing online gifts to new writers then give them a masterclass annual membership of their favorite authors and screenwriters like Joyce Carol Oates and Shonda Rhimes, among others. This MasterClass membership will help them to polish their skills in a very perfect way.

  • Pair of Blue-Light Glasses

A pair of blue-light glasses will be a very thoughtful birthday gift for the writer. These will give protection to those gorgeous eyes with a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses who sits and stares at the screen all day. This glass will work as a protector. You can get it with same day gifts delivery service.

Blue-Light Glasses

  • Domain Names

If the writer does not have their own website then on their birthday give your writer their very own domain name, giving them the boost they need to make their writing public or start blogging. Nowadays it is easy to get the domain name of your choice, and most domains cost around as per your budget.

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