7 Awesome Birthday Cake Ideas for Adults

7 Awesome Birthday Cake Ideas for Adults

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Birthday cakes may have been one of the poignant memories of childhood, but who says they aren’t a part of birthday celebrations when you are an adult. As no celebration is complete without something sweet to celebrate the years that went by while welcoming the new one, cakes are the perfect celebratory dish for every occasion. As an adult experiencing many ups and downs you may have outgrown lavish parties and surprises, but nobody can outgrow birthday cakes rather they look forward to it. It is easy to get bored with the limited choices and boring options available in the market but if you are a cake lover or knows one, then these awesome birthday cake ideas for adults are definitely something you need to explore. These fresh from the oven cakes ideas are very interesting and needs to be placed on the menu for your friends and family.

  1. Personalised Cake 

Personalised Cakes

As an adult, you may have seen your own share of cakes and grown bored because of such limited choices as the only differentiation comes in the form of shapes and flavors. To ease you from your boredom there’s always personalized cakes that can be customized with the birthday girl or boy’s photo on top. These photo cakes are cakes, with an added bonus of a picture to cherish memories along with qualifying for a perfect personalised gift.

  1. Layered Cakes

Layered Cakes

Layered cakes are one step forward from the single-layered cakes that don’t always feel enough. After all, who cannot get enough of this sweet treat ? If you are considering a layered cake as an awesome birthday cake ideas for adults then there’s nothing better than layers and layers of your favorite cake. It could be anything from vanilla, chocolate or even carrot cake or even a normal sponge cake. With rich filling separating the different layers of soft fluffy bread, layered cakes make awesome rainbow cakes with each layer in different colors of the rainbow.

  1. Chocolate Lover Cake

Chocolate Lovers Cake

The perfect treat for chocolate lovers other than chocolates is a chocolate cake. If you think that chocolate is a classic flavor, then there are numerous chocolate flavors that will delight your chocolate obsessed friend to no end. Including flavors like chocolate chips, chocolate truffle, chocolate fudge, and chocolate Oreo among many others, these chocolate cakes can be sent via midnight cake delivery as a special birthday surprise with online delivery. Just imagine the surprise on your friend’s face, on receiving their midnight gift from you in their favorite flavor, this chocolate cake will then be more than a cake, but a wonderful for you both.

  1. Ice-cream Cake

Ice Cream Cakes

There’s no better combination than that of an ice-cream and cake; two of your favorite edible items in one cake. An ice cream cake is surely a genius and awesome birthday cake idea for adults, which will no doubt remind your birthday guy or girl of their favorite childhood memories. Among this chocolate and cake combination, nothing beats the combo of vanilla and chocolate brownie.

  1. Naked Cakes

Naked Cakes

Many people complain about the calories in the rich, creamy icing used in cake decoration. Hence, nude cakes have gained quite a following with cakes decorators portraying the beauty of the cake with the ingredients itself. These nude cakes are the same as other cakes, sans the frosting and decorated with flowers and fruits giving a very rustic and authentic look to the cake.

  1. Cupcakes

Cup Cakes

Cupcakes are just mini cakes with your favorite icing on top like a cherry on the cake. From blackberry cupcakes to red velvet ones, cupcakes come in all flavors and types and are an awesome birthday cake ideas for adults.

  1. Designer Cakes

Designer Cakes

Trending the gifting rounds, designer cakes have made quite an uproar incorporating any theme and flavor. These designer cakes are nothing short of an edible masterpiece showcasing any bizarre and eccentric ideas. To surprise your loved one you can always opt for online cake delivery of these designer cakes that match their personality and hobbies. Whether it’s a cake designed like a beer bottle for your beer obsessed friend or a something abstract for your artistic girlfriend, these designer cakes will be the life of the party no matter what occasion.