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Q. How can I place an order at IndiaGift?

Ans: You can place an order online by clicking on the "buy" button against each product and filling up the required payment and user information. You can also call our customer care team at +91 11 39595920 and place an order with them. You would need to make an online transfer of funds before the order is confirmed and processed.

Q. Can I place an order over the phone?

Ans: Yes you can call our sales team on +91 11 39595920 (anytime between 10 AM to 8 PM IST) and place an order with them. You would need to make an online transfer of funds before the order is confirmed and processed.

Q. What if I want to customize the product as per my choice?

Ans: To customize any product, you need to place an order with our sales team at +91 11 39595920. Any change/customization in the order should be communicated to the sales team and they will take care of your needs.

Q. My order not delivered as per requested time?

Ans: IndiaGift does not guarantee exact time delivery unless the customer has bought the product under the guaranteed time delivery scheme. Even under this scheme, time variation of 1 hour from the requested time is possible to account for road traffic and any other unavoidable problems.

Q. What if wrong product delivered to the recipient?

Ans: In the rare and unfortunate event of a wrong product being delivered to the recipient, IndiaGift will replace the product free of cost or refund the order amount to the buyer. However, IndiaGift has a very strong order tracking system and takes complete care to ensure that such incidents do not happen.

To raise a request for replacement or refund, customer needs to email us at with the picture of the product that was delivered.

Please note that without the product picture, no request for wrong delivery will be entertained by us.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with the quality of the product?

Ans: All service and product related queries can be addressed to with the picture of the product delivered attached. IndiaGift has a very customer-friendly refund and returns policy.

Q. What is IndiaGift return/cancellation policy?

Ans: IndiaGift has a very customer-friendly refund and returns policy. All non-perishable items can be returned within 3 days for a receipt if the products are faulty. In case of non-faulty products, IndiaGift retains the right to deny a refund. Indiagift reserves the right to issue credit notes instead of the refund to the customer. Perishable items like cakes, flowers etc once delivered cannot be returned. Orders placed online can be cancelled 48 hours before the time of delivery for 100% refund.

Q. How do I return a defective or damaged product for a new replacement?

Ans: Customers need to email with the picture of the defective or damaged product. Our service team will access the damage and issue a refund accordingly.

Q. What if the recipient has refused a delivery?

Ans: IndiaGift is not responsible in case of non-acceptance of an order by the recipient. All such orders will be deemed fulfilled from our end. No refund will be applicable in such cases.

Q. How do I cancel an order?

Ans: You can call your order by emailing us at from the same email ID that was used to place the order. Please check IndiaGift cancellation rules before canceling your order.

Q. How long will it take to process my cancellation request?

Ans: It will take 4-6 hours to process your cancellation request.

Q. What are the modes of refund available after cancellation?

Ans: Payments made online through the payment gateway will be refunded via the same route. Online transfers into the company account will be refunded through cheques. The customers can also opt for credit notes.

Q. How do I know my order has been confirmed?

Ans: You will receive a confirmation email with the order number the moment your order is confirmed.

Q. How do I check the current status of my orders?

Ans: The status can be checked online using your Order Tracking link - 

Q. What is mid-night delivery?

Ans: Mid-night delivery is a promise from IndiaGift that the delivery of the product will take place within a window of 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM. However, IndiaGift will make best efforts to ensure that the delivery takes place at 12 midnight only. So far more than 95% of the orders placed under Mid-night delivery package have been delivered between 12 AM to 12:15 AM only.

Q. What is fixed time delivery?

Ans: If you want a delivery to be done at a specific time, then you need to place an order under this category and mention the time of delivery. This service entails an extra cost.

Q. Are there any extra charge for same day delivery?

Ans: No, there are no charges for same day delivery.