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Online Diwali Gifts To Chandigarh

In Chandigarh Diwali is not just Diwali, it is widely also celebrated in and around "Kali Pujo". When you are just going through the post-Durga Puja depression, the Kali Puja comes around with Diwali and there is a joy in bursting crackers. Celebrating Diwali in Chandigarh is nothing short of wonders.

Diwali Gifts shopping

Many households also perform Lakshmi Puja during this festival. This is why the tradition of Goddess worship passes through. Gift giving is mostly in the nature of sweets exchange here. Crackers are also a great option as they will appeal to the younger generation of the family.

Every year during Diwali, the families celebrate their customary festivities with bursting crackers and burning diyas. Also, during Diwali, there are two days when the diyas are lighted - once during "Choti Diwali" and the next day during Diwali.

Your friends and family will also love to light up some colorful diyas and designer diyas because lighting the house around is one of the integral parts of this festival. Order Diwali Gifts.

Still confused about what to give your loved ones this festive season? Head over to this page Bring some auspiciousness to the family this puja with these gifts.

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