When is Raksha Bandhan

When is Rakshabandhan? What are the trendy Rakhi gifts this year?

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This auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is the cause of a huge uproar with gifts and traditions.  Falling on the 3rd of August,2020 Rakshabandhan originally connotes to a bond of protection, love and familial obligation towards sisters. Celebrated with huge pomp this day celebrates the sacred bond between sisters and brothers where the sister ties Rakhi on the brother’s wrist while he awards her with a gift, pledging to protect her at all times. The Rakhi band is actually bundles or threads intertwined to make it look like a band with beads and other embellishments. Also, this band symbolically alludes to the sacrosanct bond that is honored in the Hindu scriptures too. Therefore, with Rakhi not far away, it’s time you get on the high horse and look for Rakhi gifts online to celebrate and participate even when separated by miles. Although this festival is being celebrated for many centuries there have been some alterations and gifts have become the highlight of the day. From urban to rural locations, the jubilance and anticipation marking the occasion are not as far away as it seems. Therefore, just read through these awesome Rakhi gift ideas if you are too far behind on your shopping and make a headstart.

Rakhi Threads and Bands

Online Rakhi Band

The most poignant symbol of Rakshabandhan which also symbolizes the sacrosanct bond is- Rakhi band or threads. This band is made out of intertwined threads that are joined together by beads that can range from fancy, expensive ones to cheap ones. This band is so important that you cannot celebrate the occasion without these threads symbolizing your bond which ties you as brother and sister. Even while you go to the market to buy these threads there’s always the numerous varieties which may leave you more confused. However, you can shop for these Rakhi bands on e-commerce gifting sites in the comfort of your homes and participate in the celebrations.

Personalized Gift Basket

Gifts play a huge role in Rakshabandhan celebrations. Although this occasion calls for gifts specifically for the sister as the brother is supposed to gift his sister something in cash or kind, it can be both ways too. Therefore, a unisex gift is in order and there’s nothing better than a personalized gift basket. A personalized gift basket is something you should keep in mind if you are looking for Rakhi gifts for brother. These multipurpose gift baskets are the best option because they can be customized according to the person and gender. From shower kits to makeup products tech items or edible treats, your giftee will surely adore these little tokens of your love, bundled up in a basket.

A cool gift hamper

Who doesn’t like to get showered with the onslaught of love, and when there are gifts to convey the love the happiness almost doubles? Therefore, for your sister with whom you love to fight and play it’s mandatory that you go all out to make sure that this day brings as much joy to her as she brings to your life. From Cadbury celebrations that are non-negotiable on Rakhi to some rare present that will make her eyes pop out, selecting a gift for your sister is a big deal. To surprise your sister and show how much she means to you, you can always go after gift hampers which contain all your sister’s favorite things. These gift hampers can be themed according to your gift choices like makeup products, health products, chocolates, shower kits, gift certificates, perfumes and every other item your sister will appreciate. The best thing about these gift hampers is that they can be customized according to your choice making it one of the best Rakhi gifts for sisters.

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