When is Friendship Day 2019 Celebrated in India?

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Friendship day initiated as a holiday in the US but has been celebrated on an international level since then. Taking the world by stride, this is perhaps one of those occasions that celebrate the spirit of humanity and brotherhood that joins everybody despite our ethnic or cultural differences. In a developing country like India that is one of the successful globalization stories, friendship day is a huge affair. Leaving nothing amiss friendship day is celebrated with cheer and pomp as people roam around tying friendship day gifts bands on their friend’s wrist. Therefore, if you still haven’t bought friendship bands or other gifts for friends, then you better get a head start before the 4th of August 2019 rolls around which is also the official day for celebrating friendship day.

Celebrated with gusto and enthusiasm, the most definite feature that defines this day is a friendship bond that comes in innumerable colors and variety with beads or fancy pendants and other embellishments. This band is tied around your friend’s wrist like a tangible proof of that friendly bond you share. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, it’s impossible not to miss those bracelets that sometimes reached up to your elbow. Although popular, this practice is limited mostly to kids and teenagers. However, as we mature and get busy with life and careers, these things seem inconsequential but are actually something that binds us all together to preserve the bond which was destined at childhood itself. Therefore, if you think you are too old to indulge in this childhood practice of tying a friendship bracelet, then happy friendship day gifts provide an alternative avenue to change your mind.

Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts have a way about them that makes your loved one feel extra special because of the extra effort one has to put into it. However, it’s all worth a shot to see that million- dollar smile on your friend’s face. From photo mugs to engraved jewelry items, these presents bear a personal stamp which your friend will relate to in an instant. You can add anything from snapshots of your time together or even special quotes which capture their whacky personality. These lovely present will be like a memento to honor the unique bond you share along with being the best unique gift for girlfriend when you want to send gifts to India.

Special Cake

A cake is supposed to be the missing piece that completes all our occasions with the sweet factor that leaves you sugar high. Therefore, if you are thinking about friendship day gifts ideas for best pals, a cake is a valid choice. With the soft fluffy bread and numerous flavors, you can even have these cakes customized with a photo or even fondant figurines of you guys featured on the top. Thus, a special cake for friendship day is something you will appreciate for sure. However, if you think that you won’t be unable to personally deliver it, you can always have online gifting sites and stores deliver a friendship day cakes to your friend’s doorstep.


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