Gifting Flowers in Every Culture

The Meaning of Gifting Flowers in Every Culture

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Flowers play an important role in our human life and flowers are connected with human history also but in this modern era now the importance and meaning of the flowers and the service of order flowers online have changed, in every culture each and every flower is having its own importance and significance.

In ancient times humans uses flowers to communicate with each other a hundred years ago. All cultures like Chinese, Japanese, and Egyptians are having different stories and myths which are related to flowers. The Victorian Era has given us the actual meaning and specific language of flowers to humans.

Let’s talk about the different floral meanings in countries and cultures all over the world.

1. Japan

In Japan, gifting flowers is heavily associated with tradition. You can give flowers as gifts not only on special occasions like anniversaries, births, graduations and housewarmings, but also you can offer flowers in social functions like the return of a trip. When a person returns from a trip, they are expected to bring back gifts to give to their friends, family, and co-workers.

If you want to send gifts online like flowers to someone then you need to choose the color and type of the flower very carefully because the right color and type specify the right meaning. In Japan, gifting flowers to sick people is a customary gift. Red flowers have a positive meaning and are very popular in Japanese culture.

Valentine 12 Red Roses Bunch

            What to Choose: 

  1. Red roses for romance
  2. Red carnations for familial love or for mothers
  3. White flowers for mourning
  4. Bluebells for gratitude
  5. Iris for good news and glad tidings
  6. Sunflowers for adoration and loyalty

2. China

According to Chinese culture, gift-giving is treated as showing respect, gratitude, friendship, love, and hospitality. With gifting, you can maintain a positive relationship with each other in China. This tradition is has been passed down from generation to generation.

Flowers also have special meaning in China. White flowers and chrysanthemum flowers, for example, are common for mourning and these flowers are used for funerals or for when visiting gravesites. With that said, flowers are very special for many occasions in Chinese culture such as anniversary flowers and birthday flowers.

White Roses Vase Large

What to Choose: 

  • Sunflowers or carnations to show respect and give thanks
  • Roses for deep romantic love
  • Tulips for adoration or to appreciate someone’s intelligence
  • Peonies or dahlias for elders to show honor and foster good fortune
  • Bamboo to wish a friend financial success
  • White flowers or chrysanthemums to honor the dead

3. Egypt

In Egyptian culture Gift giving takes us back to the days of the idols, pyramids, and pharaohs, where it was common to give kings gifts to gain their allegiance or even to obtain personal glory., gift-in the modern era the traditions of gift-giving are still alive in the county and have some importance of place and time for giving the appropriate gift.

For example, it is tradition to take a gift when you are invited to a home; gifts should be wrapped at all times and should be opened later unless the gift is a dessert or another perishable food item or send flowers bouquet delivery online.

Roses are often referenced in Egyptian culture and history like in this Egyptian proverb, which describes that when we love someone so much, we must be willing to accept their “unsavory” companions or friends.

Blue & Purple Orchids Bunch

What to Choose:

  • For a funeral, flower arrangements for all occasions are appropriate and bright colors to reflect the personality of the passed loved one is common
  • Sending a floral arrangement as a group or a week after the funeral is very special as it shows you are thinking or them and their loss
  • For weddings, water lilies, roses, iris, chrysanthemum, and cornflowers are common as gifts as they are popular flowers found in Egypt.

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