How to Celebrate Friendship Day in Lockdown ?

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With the pandemic going on, everything looks dark. Everyone’s ‘normal’ lives have a different meaning now. Because outdoor gatherings are now quite risky, many wonder how to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. With friendship day just around the corner, you may be thinking about whether you can make the day special without going out. Well, you can!

Yes, you can celebrate friendship day with your friends even during this lockdown. Of course, you can find special gifts for friends online and send them to your besties. But there are other things that you can do to make the occasion special. Below you will find some ideas on how you can celebrate this friendship day and make it a memorable event.


Organize a virtual party

With a virtual party with your gang, you can celebrate friendship day 2021 and make amazing memories. For this, you can pick the most amazing clothes you have and even decorate your room for a bit. You can even do fun games and puzzles with your buddies as a competition. Or, you can just talk like how you would when you meet in person. Since there are no rules in the online virtual party, organize and plan it in a way that all of you enjoy it to the full.


Order and send gifts

Just because you can’t go out during this lockdown doesn’t mean you can find and send a gift to your special friend on friendship day. That’s why online gift shops exist. Using the best online gifting sites, you can order gifts online to surprise your friend. And the best part of online shopping for gifts is that there is a huge collection to choose from. Whether you want to gift a watch or some flowers, you will see a variety of options like never before.

So, depending on your friend’s taste and preferences, pick a gift that will suit them. No matter what you choose, your friend will treasure it.


Plan a Midnight Surprise

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Usually, midnight surprises are only possible when you were able to go out and be near your friends. Even though things have changed, you can still throw an awesome midnight surprise party for your bestie. Wondering how? Just use the midnight gifts delivery option that many online gift stores have. This will surely be a surprise for your friends.


A Yummy Cake

Friendship Day Cake Truffle Square    Friendship Day Photo Cake

Cakes have always been a part of any and every celebration. And that’s why you cannot ignore cakes for this friendship day celebration even if there’s a lockdown. Whether it’s dark chocolate or a red velvet cake, you can send a good cake as a gift to your friend. Yes, you can send cakes to India from USA through the online gift shops. This will definitely put a smile on your friends face.


Watch a Movie Together

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Whether it’s your male friend or female friend, you can still have a good friendship day celebration by watching a movie together. Of course, this doesn’t mean the usual way of watching movies. But use Netflix Party to have a theatre feeling right in your home. This extension allows you to have a synchronized playback so that all of you are watching the same scene. Plus, there is a group chat to allow everyone to say what they want to. Doesn’t this sound fun. So, grab some snacks and pick a good movie.


Virtual Tour of Museums

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Many museums are giving virtual tours online. Why not pick one. If you don’t like a museum virtual tour, you can pick something else. Whatever suits you and your gang, just choose and start chilling out on the special occasion.


The Bottom Line

The coronavirus has indeed brought so many things to a standstill. But it cannot stop lockdown friendly celebrations of special occasions. And that applies to the friendship day celebration. You can the above ideas to make lifelong memories with your friends.

If you want to make it more special, try sending them gifts. Yes, gifting sites like Indiagift has a huge range of collections to choose from. So, take time and find the perfect Gifts for best Friends Online to make the occasion special.

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