10 Creative Ways To Decorate A Birthday Cake

10 Creative Ways To Decorate A Birthday Cake

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Birthday cakes are always awesome and there are so many designs and decorations out there which just make it the best thing ever! But a cake baked at home by your loved ones like your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife, Son or Daughter or any other close relative is just too heart touching to not make the event memorable for life. So if you are planning to bake a cake and decorate it too for the upcoming birthday of your near and dear ones, cheers to you! But if you are worried about messing it up with the complicated decorations that flood the web, here are some of the best, easiest and coolest birthday cake decoration ideas.

1. Decorate A Cake Like Snowmen :- One of the most creative for the fans of white. With a white frosting and some coconut and vanilla flavors, this is really easy to achieve the perfect dessert of winter, fall or spring birthdays. Baked coconut strips in assortment of vanilla flavors lend crispiness to the soft frosting while the warm sponge balances the flavors and texture.

2. Colour Your Cake With Sprinklers :- Don’t all of us love sprinklers in rainbow colours? This is a great idea especially when you are preparing cakes for kids. Use a stencil template to form the numbers using sprinklers on the frosting or just cover the entire cake in little bits of colour to hide any and all imperfections of the white topping!

3. Theme Your Cakes On Pirates :- Fantasy world is the place to be, especially when you turn a year older! This year, give your loved ones the perfect birthday gifts of pirate themed party with cupcakes that fit the mood! Since cupcakes are easy to make, you can frost them with different colors and use cookies, dark chocolate bits, chocolate and vanilla wafers and coin chocolates to make various delicious toppings.

4. Cover The Cake With Your Favorite Candies :– Cover the entire cake with Kit-Kat on the sides and fill the top with colorful gems! You may also go for gummy bears or licorice sticks for cakes of smaller size.

5. Chocolate Trees Decoration On Cakes Looks Awesome :- This is as simple as they come- solidify molten chocolate in the form of trees or any other shape that you want as the side decoration of pastel frosted cakes.

6. A Cake With Delicious Dirt And Rocks :- Use cookie crumbs and chocolate rocks to make a dirt cake with a rugged, real look. You may also theme it like a construction cake with lighter chocolate cream as frosting for the ground. This is definitely the birthday cakes that you don’t need to stress about being perfect.

7. Decorate The Cake To Resemble The Moon :- Use a simple ingredient like powdered sugar to make your imperfect dark chocolate frosting look like the moon!

8. Take Your Cake To The Beach Or Vice Versa :- Just like the dirt cake or the construction cake, this is the cake that cannot be ruined since it is kept inside a bucket. Mini versions of them can also be made with cupcakes inside big coffee mugs to steal the limelight.

9. Flowers With Cakes :- There are many cake decoration ideas based on flowers. You can use cookies stuck on heavy frosting or even edible flowers. But using snipped marshmallows and gems is the best one of them all!

10. Paint Your Cake :- Make use of food coloring gels and a food-only paintbrush to create an abstract and pretty cake decoration. Splattering paint of food coloring gels with forks on white background is also a great idea to create a spotlight worthy cake online!

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