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Mrunal Tilekar’s Online Cake Delivery Diaries

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The team of Indiagift.in loves to form friendships with its fans. And Mrunal Tilekar, who is currently a resident of Mumbai, is part of the group of our lovely friends as well as a regular customer! She wrote to us a few days ago and shared her cake story with us!

I was born and brought up in Pune, and even studied in the residential school of BK Birla Centre for Education when my parents transferred to another city. After completing my school years, I went on to pursue CSE from College of Engineering, Pune and stayed in the city for four more years with some of my school friends. During all these years, I had become used to not staying close to my family all the time and only visited home during vacations. My closest friends became my second family in Pune and I grew fond of the city itself. But then after placement, I had to move from the city. Even though I had lived away from my family for the larger part of my school and college life, leaving my friends and going to another city was a completely different and saddening experience altogether. But we kept in contact via social media. On one of my friends’ birthday, the gang had a conference call and all of us shared our feelings. I too told them that I missed celebrating in the college canteen and bunking class on the birthdays. I also realized how many precious memories I had missed out on during my schooling years when I couldn’t celebrate my parent’s birthdays and anniversaries. A few hours later I was browsing the web and came across the same day delivery feature of Indiagift.in. And ever since then, I have never missed the birthday of my friends and family. On that day itself I ordered two cakes- one for my friend in Pune and the other for my family in Mumbai to let them know how much I love them. And both, my family and my friend were so happy with my surprise that I cannot express the joy I felt on that day! I think cakes don’t need any special occasion to be enjoyed with your close ones, but every special occasion is incomplete without cakes. And Indiagift.in has helped me make a lot of occasions truly special and memorable with the huge variety of cakes and other delicacies offered on the site. I am always grateful for the punctual delivery, whether I order a truffle to be delivered to Pune at midnight or a big combo on the same day!

Mrunal’s joyous experiences motivate the team of Indiagift.in to work harder to deliver emotions along with the gift item you choose! Since every occasion is immortalized by gifts and sweet memories, ensure that you don’t miss out on the important as well as the little celebrations with your close ones because of geographic boundaries! Send some love with cakes and gifts and be a part of the fun! Indiagift.in is here to send cakes in Pune & serve you round the clock.