Diwali Decoration Ideas

10 Best Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home to Welcome Happiness & Positivity

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This year’s Diwali festival is on the 4th day of November. And you need to decorate your house in a stunning way. Decorating your home has significance and importance; this will bring positivity, joy, good luck and blessing into your life and at your home. If you want to surprise your guests and want to bring positivity in your life then read this blog. Here we have listed the best Diwali decoration Ideas which you can opt to decorate your home during this Diwali festival.

Diwali Decorations at Home

Home is an important space where every person lives and Diwali is an important e Hindu religion festival. During this festival everyone cleans and decorates their homes with lights and flowers which can bring positivity and magnificence to the Diwali celebrations. On Diwali we worship goddess Lakshmi and it is believed that goddess Lakshmi will bring prosperity, wealth and happiness in your life. If you want to welcome goddess lakshmi and ganesha then this Diwali festival decorate your Home in a unique way.

  • Thread lanterns:-This year on the Diwali festival memories your school time craft ideas which you usually do at your school. Just you need to take the balloon, put some glue on it and weave the cotton yarn in different angles on it. When the glue is dried, and then takes it off the balloon by cutting it off from the top. This way your thread lantern is complete and ready to use. You can also insert some extension holder to the top and attach the bulb to your preferred shade to add some color to your home with hanging Diwali lamps and lanterns.

  •  Paper cup lights: – This year show some creativity and unique style to decorate your home. You can create lights with the help of paper cups. For that you need to create holes in the top of the cups and then pierce string lights into every hole. If you’re using the plain white cups then you can paint them in different colors and then cut the cap of the cup with cutting tools designed for unique personalized Diwali gifts.

  • Mason jar lights:-Also you can use some leftover jars to create your own light. For that you can simply use the empty mason jars or bottles in your home and then you need to place some fairy lights into mason jars or bottles. You can also put these newly created lights on side tables or you can build a hula-hoop lighting fixture to put them from the ceiling. Many corporate companies use them as Diwali gifts for employees.

  • Bottle lights: – If you have any empty beer or wine bottles in your house then you can convert them into some amazing Diwali lights. This Diwali you can utilize these empty bottles in a home décor and give Diwali gifts for family. Just you need to insert some string lights into them, or you can use bulbs of different shades and secure them with corkscrews. You can hang them in the entryway or inside your home on a blank wall or in an area where you want to add some lights.

  • Lights on the trees: – When you have a garden or some trees which are close to your doorway or near your home’s entrance then you can embellish them with plenty of golden fairy lights and Diwali diyas to brighten the area and brighten your property this Diwali. Just you need to simply apply some lights in a similar pattern and that will be converted into a perfect location for a party.

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