Let this Diwali Light up our Souls and not Just our Homes

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Every family waits for this five-day-long festival. According to mythology, this day marks the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama. People of Ayodhya showed their happiness at the homecoming of Lord Rama and also lighting up the entire city and their houses with lamps and distributed sweets to each other. Every individual has their own beliefs and sentiments which are attached to Diwali but the common emotion of immense joy and happiness which make us all together.

किस देवता के रथ पर बैठकर श्रीराम ने किया था रावण का वध, रावण से पहले किसकी थी सोने की लंका?

According to the Hindu calendar, Diwali is marked as the start of the new financial year and on this day many businessmen, traders, and shopkeepers do pooja of the new account books and after that, they start working on these new accounts books. On this day people do puja of Goddess Lakshmi because goddess Lakshmi brings wealth and prosperity to our life. People believe that all Investment, spending, and purchases are considered auspicious on this day and if we buy Gold and other jewelry then it will bring luck to our life.

Diwali or Deepawali is the auspicious festival in Hindu culture because this festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil. In this modern era, the spirit of Diwali still holds relevant meaning. It inspires us to fight against all the negativity and evils of society.

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On this day people decorate their houses with lights, flowers, rangoli, and other decorative things and also they draw footprints of goddess Laxmi using rice flour at the entrance of their houses to welcome peace and prosperity accompanying the goddess herself. They light the lamps with wicks of lotus stem to please her and offer prayers to the goddess. In the evening everything changes, no darkness everywhere you will find the brightness of diyas and Diwali marigold bright toran lighting up our homes.

Diwali Marigold Bright Toran

Why not this year we celebrate this festival by sharing our joy, online gifts, and excitement with others who are more needed. Let’s celebrate Diwali this year by doing some kindness and giving acts. You can donate some sweets, gifts, and even firecrackers to orphanages and old age homes. And buy some diyas from the reputed NGOs that donate the earned money to the poor and needy on the occasion of Diwali. This year not only lights up our houses but also lights up other life with happiness, sweets, and joy.

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Slowly the message Diwali has drifted away from the true spirit of Diwali. In this modern Diwali mostly people are attracted to the fireworks and lights. The message of the festival goes way beyond that to destroy all negativity, sorrow, stress, evil around you and make a new and strong personality.

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