Online Birthday Cakes Delivery in Chennai

Online Birthday Cake delivery in Chennai - IndiaGift

Cakes are love in an edible form and pave the way to express oneself the sweetest way possible. With a tantalizing taste which leaves you craving for it not just on special occasions but even on normal days, cakes are a welcome surprise no matter what time. Put a stop to the anticipation of your loved ones with online birthday cake delivery in Chennai with Indiagift. This sugary treat is bound to leave them with an overdose of happiness when you order a cake to their doorstep in their favorite flavor. These cakes can also be delivered to your friends and family on the same day itself with our same delivery option to send birthday cake in Bangalore.

How to send birthday cake to Chennai in numerous flavors?

Along with being a metro city, Chennai is a beautiful city with lush beaches and other spectacular sights. Besides these amenities which lend an innate charm to it, if there’s anything else which will add to the euphoria of your loved one in Chennai is when you send a birthday cake to Chennai. As cakes are pretty much an adopted tradition for birthdays and anniversary you cannot do without them. In different types and mind-boggling flavors both ordinary and extraordinary ones, there’s a lot of room for experimentation and none for boring when it comes to cakes. Our online process is very easy and convenient where you can order cakes in your favorite flavor by just clicking on it and have it added to your cart to be delivered after making the payment. 

As cakes are the most anticipated gift of all, you need to make sure that your cake puts quite a showstopper performance when you opt for online birthday cake delivery in Chennai. Therefore, Indiagift has come up with all types of cakes you can envision and in numerous flavors to seduce your taste buds. Our top picks from the various cake flavors include-



-black forest

-chocolate fudge



-red velvet

-coffee mocha

-black currant

-butterscotch, etc.

Midnight birthday cake delivery in Chennai

To keep up the surprises going and the excitement brimming, we offer midnight birthday cake delivery in Chennai. This may sound unbelievable to you but we offer midnight cake delivery to every major town and city in India we cater to. These delicious cakes are prepared by local bakeries and this edible bunch of joy is delivered to your loved one's threshold in the wee hours of the night. To send birthday cake to Hyderabad at midnight the protocol is the same as you would for any other cake or gift order.

We have a collection of 133 Products for sale, range starts from INR 599 to INR 7299