Wrap Wedding Gifts Perfectly

How to Wrap Wedding Gifts Perfectly?

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Wedding day is a big day for the couple when they wear their traditional dresses like girls wear beautiful red lehenga and boys wear sherwani. Also before the wedding day, a few festivals and rituals have to be performed and on these, we exchange various types of wedding gifts. But sometimes our amazing gifts do not impress someone with their look because our gift is not presentable. In the modern era presentation matters, a lot, and usually people judge people by their appearances. If you want to impress everyone with your gift and you want to make your wedding gift beautiful then we have a few ideas on how you can make any type of wedding gift attractive and beautiful.

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  • Wrapping of clothes

 If you are given clothes for your wedding as a wedding gift then you need to pack the clothes in such a way that you can display the gifts and it will look attractive. By using a few simple things you can make your gift attractive. Like ribbons, buttons, bamboo trays, origami sheets you can transform your gift into a unique gift. By using simple craft skills you can do wonders.

  1. Firstly you need to take the bamboo tray and you need to place clothes onto the tray. This will give a classy look. Also put some decorative items like roses flowers, etc.
  1. Then wrap a saree or suit in some attractive shape and then wrap it with a transparent cover.
  1. Fix the paper with the help of tape.
  1. You can also decorate the gifts with buttons and ribbons. Both the things will not be wasted and one can reuse the ribbons and buttons.
  • Wrapping of Shoes 

If you are giving shoes to someone as a wedding gift then you need to transform the shoes into an attractive wedding gift because shoes are an important dress code not only for weddings but also everywhere. So it needs some special attention. By using dupatta wraps, woolen bags, bamboo baskets, and some decorative items you can make your gift amazing.

  1. You can use an old dupatta for wrapping the shoes or you can use woollen multi-colored sweaters and shawls bags to pack the shoes. Simply put the shoes either into the dupatta wrap or woolen bag and then make a smart knot at the top.
  1. You can use jute twines and beads to decorate the shoe box and bag. It will give a classy look.
  • Wrapping of Perfumes and Candles 

Perfumes and candles will be an incredible wedding gift and perfumes and candles play an important role in wedding decorations because perfumes give a scented aroma into the atmosphere and candles will bring the happiness of bright future light and will mesmerize the ambiance. You can wrap the perfumes and candles in an attractive way by using hand-painted boxes, leaves and twigs, pine cones and branches, and with some jute or cloth bags. By using simple crafting techniques you can make your wedding or birthday gifts incredible. All these items are not so expensive.

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  • Wrapping of Sweets

 Sweets are an important part of our happiness and wedding. Our wedding function and celebration are complete without sweets and chocolates. Because these sweet delights will add sweetness to our mouth as well it will be perfect as a celebration treat. In India people believe that to start something, let’s have some sweets. You can wrap the sweets or chocolate using wooden trays, glass jars, bamboo or fiber boxes, cloth wrap, etc. you can go for the personalized chocolate boxes or sweets boxes.


  • Wrapping of Fruits

Fruits are an amazing and useful wedding gift. You can pack the fruit in several ways like you can pack the fresh fruits in a basket or you can use dry fruit in a tray. It will be a very smart option. Also, you can pack the fruit in a vintage style or in a modern style. It will not charge more. Just you need to choose the good quality of fruit. Just you need to take the basket or tray and place the fruits in a systematic order then order a fresh fruits basket or tray with cellophane paper. It gives a sophisticated look to your fruits. For the vintage style buy some vintage style-looking boxes and place the fruits. Also, you can personalize the box. It will be memorable personalised gifts for someone.

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