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What Are The Traditions Associated With Diwali ?

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Every Festival and celebration have some customs and traditions connected with it, Diwali being no different.

The term ‘Diwali’ is derived from a Sanskrit word which accurately means ‘a row of Lights. So it is the festival of light, brightness, exchanging gifts and celebrating togetherness. Celebrated all over India with different traditions and rituals according to location, firecrackers and chocolate bombs are the main attraction. The  firecrackers and colourful lights, candles are the vital part to make this festival enjoyable and amazing.

The Traditions Followed For Diwali

  • Lakshmi Puja
  • Lakshmi Puja

Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity and success, who is considered to visit all homes and shower her delights on enthusiasts. Every house is celebrating a devoted puja to Goddess Laxmi for good health, wealth, success and victory.

  • Lighting Diyas or Lamps

Lighting Diyas or Lamps is another important tradition that is properly associated with this festival. Colourful LED lights, candles and also Diyas of Ghee keeps special attraction of this celebration. This tradition of lighting is followed after Laxmi Puja. This tradition of Lighting Diyas or Lamps for it represents getting rid of darkness from the Earth.

  • Firecrackers


Diwali Celebration is incomplete without firecrackers, also it is a traditional aspect to do as the moment of celebrating the victory of truth over the evil. Small members of the family enjoy a lot with crackers. There is a lot of noise and fun associated with this festival for firecrackers.

  • Diwali Gift Shopping

diwali shopping

The joyful year of Diwali is regarded extremely good for making the various financial investment. The day of Dhanteras is regarded as perfect for buying precious Things as well as jewellery. People also shop for various household things on this day, especially tools made of silver, gold, metal and copper, which are regarded a good buy at this time.

  • Gifting Sweets

diwali sweets online

Presenting Online Diwali gift and Diwali Sweets to one’s friends, family members and associates have become one of the most important traditions of Diwali with every moving year. Typically, boxes of different delicious and mouth watering sweets are gifted; as in, this time, a lot of varieties of sweets available in the market, right from electronic appliances to food baskets, one can present anything and everything under the sun to their family members.

Diwali traditions and rituals vary from places to places, however the prime motive behind the festival is same.

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