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Traditional and Modern Guide for Anniversary Gifts by Year

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Wedding Anniversaries are special occasions for couples to celebrate their love and bond. They allow an opportunity for a couple to reflect back on their journey and wish for togetherness ahead. Anniversary gifts are synonymous with these occasions and all couples love to exchange gifts and also receive them from others. Gift-giving depends entirely on what one chooses. Some people like to stick to traditional anniversary gift ideas. A reference for such ideas of traditional and modern anniversary gifts by the year is as below-

First Anniversary

A couple’s first anniversary is always very special as it marks their first milestone. Paper is considered the traditional gift and a clock as the modern gift for your first anniversary. Paper denotes that the relationship is new and fragile, a clock represents forever love. A great anniversary gift for wife could be a photo album of memories as per the traditional guide.

Second Anniversary

Fibre or cotton is the traditional gift. China ware is the modern gift for the second anniversary. Fibre represents the close bond. Chinaware represents the quality of a relationship. A great anniversary gift for husband as per traditional norms could be a pure cotton shirt.

Third Anniversary

Leather is the traditional choice. Glass and crystal is the modern anniversary gift idea for the third-year celebrations. A wonderful anniversary gift could be crystal barware for the couple.

Fourth Anniversary

Fruit and Flowers symbolic of a ripening relationship are the traditional gifts while appliances are the modern gift for the 4th An ideal choice for anniversary gifts for your wife could be a beautiful floral bouquet expressing your love and appreciation.

Fifth Anniversary

Celebrating half a decade together has its meaning as well. A traditional gift is anything wooden. The modern guide suggests silverware. Couples often like to gift each other wooden frames for their 5th  anniversary.

Sixth Anniversary

Couples like to gift each other candy for their 6th anniversary gift as per traditional norms and wooden gifts as per modern ideology. A great candy box can be the right choice for an anniversary gift for wife.

Seventh Anniversary

A copper or wool gift symbolic of warmth is the traditional gift idea for 7th anniversary gift. A woollen jacket could be expressive of true love as an anniversary gift for husband. The modern alternative is a desk set which is symbolic of a couple supporting each other in their career paths.

Eighth Anniversary

The traditional gift for 8th anniversary is often pottery or bronze and a potted plant or a bronze kitchen set could be the right expression for anniversary gift for wife. The modern gift choice is linen and lace. It would be fantastic for your wife.

Ninth Anniversary

Pottery continues to be the traditional choice for the 9th anniversary also while leather is the modern counterpart.

Tenth Anniversary

A couple’s 10th anniversary marks a decade together and aluminium is the right traditional gift. Diamonds are the modern anniversary gift idea for this and women would love to receive a diamond ring or bracelet.

Fifteenth Anniversary

The traditional anniversary gift idea for 15th anniversary is crystal and giving expensive crystal for the house is a great choice. The modern gift is a watch. This is a great gift for both.

Twentieth Anniversary

To mark the setting of 2 decades together, china considered the best traditional gift depicting the excellent quality of life spent together. Platinum is the modern equivalent and a platinum ring could be a great anniversary gift for wife.

25th Anniversary

This is one milestone anniversary, where traditional and modern thought processes is going hand in hand. Silver is the popular choice as per both ideologies and silver jewellery and accessories can be gifted on the 25th year together.

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