How to Plan a Unique Valentine’s Day

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When February rolls around yearly, Valentine’s Day fever increases. It is a special time when all the relations are celebrated. But it is especially for your significant half. If you are really keen to make someone feel appreciated, there are several simple ways to go for it. So, if you forget to order traditional flowers as a valentine gift, do not panic, just put some effort and do something different and you are good to go. The best gift you can give to your loved one but to make it more special for them is to opt for a personalized valentine day gifts.

Personalized Valentine's Day Gift

When February approaches exciting Valentine’s week celebrations start as it begins with the rose day gifts, which is the initial day of valentine’s week. The second day of valentine’s week is when loved ones give proposed day gifts, where they express their feelings and emotions to the loved ones. You can also give a promise ring on this wonderful day.

 So, do not ponder so much this year, and instead, look out for unique valentine day gift ideas at Indiagift like-


Gifting adorable hampers as chocolate day gifts in the form of assorted chocolates in diverse shapes and muffins is a very thoughtful idea. Chocolate day gifts certainly bring smiles to the faces of teenagers and kids as they love receiving chocolates on this day.

chocolates gifts

Planters made of Bamboo

A skillfully and innovatively designed bamboo plant is an amazing and the most thoughtful gift this Valentine’s day. It can be sent to your closed one with an intimate note to your loved one.  Bamboo planters are ideal valentine day gifts as they are popular for bringing good fortune and extra luck. So, if you are hunting for a last-minute gift for your loved one, an attractive set of eco-friendly, durable bamboo planters is ideal.  These are beautifully packed in jute cases and can be bought in diverse sizes and shapes according to your budget.

bamboo plant- Valentine Gifts

Romantic candles

What better promise day gifts could be than the scented candles in appealing colors for your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day? There are different aromas available and you can order kiss day gifts online for your best friend.  Choose from lavender, lily, or Rose as you like. A combo of attractive candle stands and candles adds exquisiteness to the living space.  If sent with a beautiful hand note, it is an ideal valentine gift.

Valentine Gifts

Soft toys

Eye-catching stuffed toys like teddy bear could be amazing teddy day gifts for teenagers. Such gifts represent affection and increase warmth in the relationship. At indiagift, you will come across a massive variety of soft tops in attractive colors and characters.

 teddy day gifts

A stylish pen with a Handmade fabric diary

If you want to make a special promise to your dear one, choose this as a wonderful promise day gift? What could be better than a handmade fabric diary with a stylish pe?. With an endearing message that shows your promise for an everlasting bond with your valentine.

Valentine Day Gift

A fantastic pack of Skin care products

Skincare products will prove to be incredible hug day gifts as they could offer a glowing look to your skin.  It is the paramount gift for your dear ones. You can add a face scrub, moisturizer, and a face wash and pack it in a cane basket to make it a beautiful Valentine day hamper. This unique hamper will certainly nurture relationships and convey affection and fondness.

Valentine Day Gift

Arrange a special dinner date

You can call your friend over for a special dinner date and cook the cuisine of his/her choice. You can also reserve a table in a restaurant of your choice.  Often putting things well in advance is a great way to show your valentine that you are concerned and their feelings matter a lot to them. Adding some candles with subtle lighting will result in an idyllic romantic evening.

Valentine Day Gift

Surprise your valentine with a weekend getaway

A planned valentine day can really impress your friend in a big way. Book a weekend at a cozy resort in a closeby city for a couple of days to celebrate your upcoming valentine’s week. You might have to share a lot with your valentine and a weekend away will give you a lot of time together. You can inform you are significant to save the date and not reveal the entire plan. Go all out and have a memorable weekend, that you can cherish all your life.

 Valentine Day Gift

Search for an array of unique Valentine Day gifts online at indiagift and astonish your dear one. Buy gorgeous gifts and exude love and affection for your friend. Moreover, send delightful messages that bring joy with stunning Valentine day gift baskets and make this day all the more extraordinary for your dear friend.


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