Perfect Valentine Gifts for Every Type of Lover : Which Type Of Lover Is Yours?

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Each and every person is different and their tastes, likes and dislikes can differ widely. So how do you figure out the perfect gift for them? Valentine’s roses and heart shaped gifts are pretty much usual now, aren’t they? So this Valentine’s, choose a valentine gift that is tailored to your lover’s type!

1. For Romantic Caffeine Addict :- Valentine’s flowers must be a regular affair for your guy. However, if you do need better Valentine’s flowers ideas, you can always check out the ones which convey various meanings. But before running away to grab another bright bunch, check out a personalized coffee mug with a lovely message on it such as “Keep calm and kiss me”, “You mocha me happy!” or “I love you a latte”! Get it home delivered with free shipping and record his reaction on opening the package.

2. For Sentimental Guy :- If your handsome hunk expresses his emotions, you need a gift that will make him smile while tears roll down his cheeks! And crystal hearts with your picture are perfect. This is a gift that will immortalize your love in the literal sense. Other online gifts include accessories with your initials on it together. Present him the gift right at midnight with a cakes combo and watch the happy smile light up your life.

3. For Shy Type :- If you’ve landed yourself a guy who doesn’t show his emotions a lot or is reticent for the major part of the day, he would appreciate a more useful gift. There might be more of this type in India than you might imagine! Something that he would be able to use at work or in daily life, such as noise cancelling headphones or gym gear would be really heart touching for him. Couple that up with chocolates and you will have a winner right there. You may even get same day cake delivery online if he has a sweet tooth.

4. For Fitness Freak :- Send the best healthy hamper to your fitness dude and he’ll light right up! You might want to do some homework before choosing from the hampers present online though. Not everyone is best suited for every gift with a pretty bow, so make sure you know the necessary details about his diet and workout plans and then embark upon the adventure of online shopping and order from the top brands.

5. For Backpacker :- Getting home delivery for the person who is rarely home is kind of ironic, isn’t it? But your adventurous guy would totally melt for some thoughtful global Wi-Fi hotspot which would keep you connected no matter where in the world he is! You may buy other gifts that can be useful to him, like Polaroid instant camera or something else that he has been wanting for a while. If you know where he is going to be on the day, you may simply order Valentine Week Gifts to be delivered to his location on the same day! That will certainly be a hit surprise!

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