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Unique Cakes For Online Delivery in Delhi

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Be it a birthday or anniversary or any other occasion, cakes are one of the best gifts online or presents that you can give to your near and dear ones. When you search for cakes for presentation, we bet you will find different qualities and designs. Make the occasions special for your loved ones by presenting them with these customized midnight cakes delivery in Delhi. Here are few designer cakes online Delhi, have a look, I can assure you that you will love them ! Have a look !

  • Fabulous Mickey Mouse/panda/minion cake : Now this one is particularly designed for the kids. If you want to send your nephew or niece a birthday present in Delhi, then this one is just perfect. Order a customized panda/minion cake with their name written on it and send cakes to Delhi. Trust me, it will be the best gift of the day.
  • Floating hearts cake : This one is sweet. It works both for kids and adults as well. Yes sometimes we are not able to make it to our loved one’s birthdays because of excessive work. Send cakes to Delhi and make sure it is the floating hearts one. The cake has got few red hearts on top. The cake is mostly pink in color. The read hearts on top will surely win hearts and make up for your absence.
  • Crunchy chocolate cake : Now, chocolate always works, and I repeat ALWAYS! The plain chocolate cakes delivery in Delhi is delicious, but the crunchy ones are better. What makes it more unique are the biscuits dipped in pure chocolate. The cake will let you dig into the crunchy chocolate as well as the chocolaty biscuits. Perfect birthday cakes delivery in Delhi.
  • Butterscotch Mountain : Butterscotch is always a favorable choice for the youngsters. The next time you want to send cakes to Delhi, go for this one. The butterscotch combined with pastries and strawberries on top, is a treat to both the eyes and the taste buds as well. The cake is perfect not only for the butterscotch enthusiasts but also for those who love to try out varieties of sweet dishes.
  • Funky Fondant balloon cake : Once again this is a unique cakes online Delhi for the kids. This time it is for someone who loves to play with balloons. If you daughter loves to celebrate her birthday with balloons, then order these cakes online Delhi to make this day special for her. These designer cakes will immediately make you a superhero forever in your daughter’s heart.

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