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KarwaChauth 2022: Date, Time, and Its Significance

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In the Sanatan Dharma, the Karwa Chauth 2022 vrat has a unique meaning. Every year, mainly on Chaturthi Tithi of the Kartik month, Karwa Chauth is observed. Married women conduct a Nirjala fast on this day in hopes of extending the lives of their husbands. Also, give arghya to the moonlight in the evening to conclude the fast. Additionally, on this day, ladies make sixteen adornments as a form of worship for Lord Shiva, Mother Parvati, and the renowned Lord Ganesha. Please let us know the correct fasting day and time.

One of the special occasions honoring the relationship between a husband and wife is Karwa Chauth. For such an engaged Hindu woman, this is the most significant celebration. Karwa Chauth honors the tie that exists between a wife and her husband. For their husbands’ long life and security, married ladies fast from sunrise until moonrise. Married women maintain a fast and refrain from drinking until the Moon rises. In some states, women only consume tea in the early morning and observe the fast without food or water till nightfall.

Karwa Chauth, 2022: Date and Time

The ideal hours for doing the Karwa Chauth Time are from 5:59 pm to 7:13 pm. The ritual takes place mainly on the full Moon of the Hindu calendar month of Kartik, known as Krishna Paksha Chaturthi. The date of October 13 has been set for 2022.


The nationwide Karwa Chauth 2022 celebration is observed with passion and enthusiasm all around the country. All Hindu and Indian women conduct the nirjala fast to ensure their husbands live long and happy life. A woman’s fast is highly unusual because she neglects food and liquids for the whole day. When wives fast and present Arghya to the Moon on this day, the Moon confers long life upon their husbands. After a 16-makeup fast, ladies are said to be offered the Karwa Chauth gift of immortal honey.

karwa chauth 2022

Karva Chauth: Its Origin and Historical Context

Many stories and legends inspire this festival. Several examples are as follows:

The Mahabharata’s tale

People say that Draupadi fasted to ensure Arjun’s health and longevity. The practice of fasting for the benefit of one’s husband has historical roots that reach back to the time of the Mahabharata. For her spouse, Draupadi also observed the fast of Karva Chauth.

The remaining Pandavas had a lot of trouble when Arjun went to do repentance in the Nilgiris. When Draupadi thought of Krishna, she was reminded that Goddess Parvati had once fasted for Lord Shiva in a similar circumstance. So, the Pandavas are now strong enough to face their problems head-on and ultimately win.

Karva’s story

Another well-known story is about Karva, a loyal wife in folklore. Karva’s husband was again taken by a crocodile while bathing in a river. She used cotton thread to bind the crocodile and prayed to Yama, the God of Death, to sentence the reptile to an eternity in Tartarus.

Karva's story

Karva cursed her husband to death when he declined to marry a woman who wore a crocodile. Yama blessed his wife with the fountain of youth. It banished the crocodiles to hell because he was concerned for her safety. Karva and her partner eventually had a successful marriage.

The Veervati Queen’s Tale

The story of Veervati, who gave in to her siblings’ games and broke her fast, is widely told on Karwa Chauth. As she sat back to her meal, news came that the king or queen had passed away. Since getting married, this was her first Karva Chauth.

After waking up, she started fast, and now she eagerly anticipated the Moon’s appearance. There was a point at which she could no longer bear the constant need to eat and drink. Her siblings begged her to stop the fast, but she remained steadfast in the observance. They used a spherical mirror concealed in a tree to give the impression that the Moon had risen, tricking her into thinking something was wrong.

karwa chauth gifts

For Hindu women, the day of Karwa Chauth holds great significance. Many married women fast and pray on this day as a sign of devotion to their husbands. Women take advantage of the market’s festive decorations to buy many things.

Karva Chauth: Significance

The Mehendi or henna ritual is one of the most critical parts of Karwa Chauth. Karwa is the name of the earthen vessel used to offer water to the Moon. Only after presenting Arghya to the Moon do all married women end their fast.

Karwa Chauth gifts

Sargi is a fantastic breakfast that comprises seviyan or vermicelli, paranthas, fruits, and everything else. Sargi is considered the pinnacle of Karwa Chauth Day. Argha is the term for the water offering made to the Moon. For married women, Mehendi is a sign of happiness. Despite having fasted, women cook excellent meals on this day. Married ladies pray to the Goddesses on Karwa Chauth for the welfare of their spouses and ask for a blessing for Chauth Mata.


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