How 2020 New Year Celebration will be Different from 2019 New Year Celebration ?

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Holidays are unexpectedly different this year. Especially New Year will not be same in 2020 as it was in 2019. Due to covid 19 and lockdown, many could not to attend parties or spend time with dear ones.

The New Year’s Day traditions are all about spreading love and starting the year with loved ones. Even though this may seem impossible, you can still enjoy the occasion with smart plans. Now let us see how you can celebrate the New Year in 2020. Also, see some of the gifts for merry Xmas and New Year gift ideas here.

The type of parties 

The New Year’s history is fascinating and so are its parties. In 2019, you may have enjoyed the event by partying with friends and family. However, in 2020 you cannot meet large crowds for the party.

Virtual parties are effective ways to celebrate the occasion. You may think that these parties are boring. However, the truth is you can enjoy it much when making a proper plan. You can make the virtual party exciting by organising programs such as dance, song and other fun activities.

The New Year’s gift 

The Chinese New Year is all about expressing your love to dear ones through gifts. In 2019, you may have shared gifts to the dear ones personally. Their expression and happiness may have enlightened your whole year.

However, this may not happen during 2020. However, you can send the gifts to loved ones through the gifting site. You can now order online gifts and New Year cakes through the online gifting sites. 

Spending quality time 

The New Year celebration India is all about spending quality time with family and friends. These occasions build relationships makes it strong for the next year. This was possible in New Year’s 2019.

However, in 2020 meeting dear ones at parties and get-togethers are difficult. Still, you can watch New Year movie with dear ones virtually or through safe parties. There is also a New Year today gifts that are delivered on the same day. You can order cakes for New year as gifts and send them to your loved one’s house to surprise them.


The New Year 2021 can be special with unique gifts. If you think that New Year’s will not be the same as last year then consider the above tips. You can enjoy New Year as much as last year when following the above points.

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