How to Celebrate New Years Eve in Lockdown ?

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2020 has been a tough year to survive for everyone. It has proved that people can live the laid back lives and survive on minimum supplies. 2020 has seen a flurry of innovative birthday greetings, virtual parties and online celebrations. It was an year when everyone shunned travel and all physical gathering and parties and online parties became the norm of the day. With the clearing up of lockdown restrictions and the situations becoming better, life is normalising. People are going back to their daily activities and celebrations.

While the end of 2020 is expected to be a much anticipated day, there is much dilemma on how should one celebrate new years eve in lockdown. Whether hotels and restaurants will welcome people for new year parties or no remains to be seen. Will people go out and engage in mass merry making, that also is a mystery. But what we can suggest is how one can celebrate new years eve in lockdown at home and make it a happy one. Some tips to have a ball of a time while bidding farewell to 2020 and welcoming 2021.

  1. Family time- While everyone wishes to have a grand new year celebration, this year has been different. A low key celebration engaging in family fun is what one can do this year. Spend time together, cooking up a lot of yummy food and preparing for the party. Alternatively, you can order some yummy food from a restaurant of the family’s choice.
  2. Games and Fun- Appoint one member of the family as the designated game manager. They can make games and decide prizes that everyone can play during the family party. Fun games suitable for all ages should be played to enjoy the time together.
  3. Bake a cake or order a cake online- All celebrations are incomplete without the ritual of cake cutting. Cut a cake as the clock strikes 12 and enjoy its yumminess. If you have a culinary skill, then you can bake a cake at home else you can order cakes online. You can customise your cake for a lovely cake delivery at midnight also.
  4. Decorate your house- You can dress up your house with all the frills of a party. Use buntings, banners, flowers to do up the party area. It will add to the excitement if you have a family gathering in an area that is decked up as a party place.
  5. Get Musical – Music enlivens all parties and new year parties will come alive if you play music. You can either put on music or even get creative and have a karaoke party with friends and family. Music and its beats sets the tempo for all parties and new years eve will be incomplete without music.

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