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Gifts to Wish a Happy Dussehra

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Dusshera calls for the victory of good over evil as people everywhere engage in festivities that are meant to celebrate this momentous victory. Celebrated with huge pomp and candor Dussehra festivities are celebrated on a grand scale. While people in every community participate and enjoy the day when Ravana is burnt and have a gala time at the community fair, Dusshera is also celebrated in a more intimate and private level by families everywhere. Thus, to get a headlong your Dussehra celebrations, these happy Dussehra gifts will enable you to honor traditions and play your part from miles away.

Traditional Indian gifts

Dusshera is a traditional festival that is ingrained in the Hindu mythology as people take time to set the stage for the final victory of Rama over Ravana. While these festivities are mostly restricted to North India, in West Bengal it is the goddess Durga who is worshipped. Another tradition entails the traditional puja as sisters put the traditional tikka on their brother’s forehead as they take on the role of a warrior. Also, this vermilion mark includes the rice cereals which are offered to the goddess Lakshmi to provide prosperity for every endeavor. To honor your traditions, you can now send this Dussehra Tikka gifts to your brother and wish him the best.

Online Sweets

To celebrate this iconic victory and the triumph of good over evil, nothing is more appropriate than sweets which make a cheerful atmosphere more saccharine to get people high on the festive frenzy. As Indian sweets are not just a part of the cuisine but are even offered to gods as part of rituals, you chappy an then indulge your friends and family by sending Dussehra online sweets to commemorate this triumph. Making the most of the facilities available to you, you can even have these online sweet gifts for Dussehra delivered to your friends and family from online gift sites and store which will account as a sweet gesture on Dussehra.

Fruit Baskets

Just like sweets, fruits too play a major role when it comes to functions and rituals. Therefore, keep your traditions alive by sending your love in the form of fruit baskets to friends and family. Not only these fruit baskets make a very thoughtful present but also enable you to fulfill your obligations. With different types of fruits finding its place in the basket and making it look like a colorful platter, these fruit baskets make excellent Dussehra return gifts for not only your near and dear ones but also for those who are away from you, resembling your very own basket of love.

Gift Hampers

To send your love in some heavy doses and surprise your loved ones, gift hampers make perfect presents with a series of gifts that will surely surprise your loved ones. You can even have these gift hamper customized or fashioned to suit your loved one’s taste by having them customized with the finest presents imaginable. From sweet cakes to beautiful flowers, delicious sweets, and goodies or even the latest gizmos and knickknacks, these Dussehra gift hampers & baskets online are meant to express all your feelings in a very thoughtful manner. Therefore, this Dussehra, surprise your loved ones with these delectable gift hampers.


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