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All Time Birthday Gifts for All the Virgos Out There!

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We always have that one person among us who is a perfectionist; it’s not because they are superior to others, rather it makes them more humane and striving to be more than just a little critical of themselves. However, you can also blame it on their sun sign, as Virgos tend to have a more methodical approach to life who live to dig deep and get to the root of things. Organized to a fault and cautious always, for those friends or family who always keeps you on track and not makes impulsive decisions. Therefore, for all those time these Virgo swoop in trying to organize your life, it’s time you make sure that nothing’s amiss in their birthday celebrations which may fall anytime between 23rd August-22nd September. As their personality is determined by their sun sign, you will do good to make sure to pick out the best online birthday gifts which will tug at their heartstrings while satisfying their inner Virgo.

Virgo Sign Pendant

Virgo Sign Pendant - Indiagift

Virgos are very much attached to personalized items. With their ability to scrutinize everything and dig deeper, these particular group of people pays close attention to detail. To appeal to their tender side, a symbolic gift is an excellent idea. Thus, you can have a customized pendant designed for them which matches their sun sign. With ‘maiden’ being their symbol, this pendant can be set according to the shape of their sign. Thus, this personalized pendant will truly remind them of you whenever they wear it and make them feel valuable as they are used to being critical of themselves.

Personalized Journal

Personalized Journal - Indiagift

Used to be on top of things, Virgos are always planning and plotting for what to do next. To make sure that their mental lists make their way to the paper, you can gift them a personalized journal. To pen down their thoughts which their mind may prove irrational, a journal is a perfect gift which will help them express their thoughts. A personalized journal can then be engraved with your loved one’s name to make it an interesting gift which they can call their own. Thus, a personalized journal can be ordered from the best online gift stores for your giftee, who would love to have a journal of their own.

Plant Gifts

Plant Gifts - Indiagift

While many accuse Virgo of being more rational, there’s an adventurous side of them that loves nature and all things outdoor. To appeal to their sentimental side, you can always surprise your loved one with succulent plants which not just add to the ambiance of the room but also help clean the toxins in the room. From cacti to palms, succulent plants or bamboo stem, these plants are unique gifts which your Virgo friend will surely cherish. Therefore, order a plant with same day gift delivery while your Virgo friend bonds with it.

Hanging Shelves

Hanging Shelves - Indiagift

Your Virgo friend never gets tired of organizing anything and everything making sure that nothing’s out of place, and a mess of any kind is their nightmare. Therefore, on their birthday, you can always make your contribution by sending them Hanging shelves which is a minimalistic fixture and make them happy. These hanging shelves can be anything from plastic to wooden ones and will be a very unique gift and perfect for birthday with online gift delivery in Bangalore. Not only does this come across as a unique but also serves utilitarian purposes.

Unisex Briefcase

What’s better than a gift which you can take with you and is meant to help you stay organized? Thus, a briefcase is a perfect example of that. Used by both men and women, a briefcase is not just an accessory which you use while going to work but more than that. Therefore, help your Virgo friend deliver a power-packed performance with a briefcase which they won’t be able to resist. With separate compartments that make it more efficient, briefcases never go out of trend.

Khadi Shirt or Kurta

Not given to impulsive or irrational behavior, it’s hard to surprise Virgos. However, if there’s one thing which will surprise them and make them gush, it’s the traditional Indian gifts. While many local arts come under this category, you can always include khadi shirt or kurta which is a traditional Indian cotton clothing that will be perfect for your Virgo friend.

Scented Candles

 With their ability to over-analyze everything and in a constant state of motion to make sure everything’s perfect, a Virgo mind would surely resemble something like a machine. Therefore, to make sure that these great minds can rest for a little while, you can help them relax with scented candles. These candles are like a therapy that releases special aroma as you light them with a scent wafting gently to enliven the senses and soothe your worries while the candlelight sheds the room in a warm glow. With scented like vanilla, lavender, rose and many more these scented candles are more than just decorative pieces and can be sent via online gifting websites.


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