1st Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

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First birthday is always a grand affair for the parents of babies. A whole lot of planning goes for the party right from decorations and food to other aspects. However, cake is the centrepiece of the birthday party and parents often get confused about the type of cake for kids for the party. There is no dearth of cake decorating ideas suited for both baby boys and baby girls.

There are some simple cake design ideas which are highly suitable for first birthdays.

Car Cake


Car Cake

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Cakes can be customised to include the replica of the favourite toy car of the baby. Multiple colourful cars can also be used to decorate the cake. Even racing track design along with cars can be incorporated into the cake to enhance the thrill for your baby.

Ombre Cake

2 Tier Pink Roses Ombre Cake


Number Pink Roses Ombre Cake


Ombre cake consists of different shades of the same colour. The bottom layer is the darkest shade. The subsequent layers are of lighter shades while the topmost layer is white. The appearance is of colours of the layers becoming lighter in a gradient. You can select the favourite colour of your baby or your own favourite colour and pick different shades.

Superhero Cake

Superhero Spider Man Cake

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Captain America Cake

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The cake can be based on a superhero theme. The cake can resemble the outfit of any superhero such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man and many more. Nowadays, superhero themed cake can also be customised to print the baby’s image with the superhero on the cake.

Baby Doll Cake

Barbie Super Swirl Dress Cake

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Swirl Barbie Cake


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Babydoll cake is perfect for little girls just turned 1. The layers of cake are designed in the shape of a bell. The bell shaped layers are covered in frosting and fondant to give the appearance of a flowing dress of a girl. A doll is then inserted at the centre of the cake to make the cake appear like a baby doll.

Chevron and Moustache Cake

Chevron and moustache 1st birthday | 1st birthday cakes, Boy birthday cake, Baby shower cakes
Chevron and Moustache cake is suited for baby boys. The bottom tier has a zig zag design while the top tier has vertical stripes and a bow. The moustache design at the top completes the look. The cake appears like a man having a moustache and wearing a bowtie.

Ocean Cake


Premium Vector | Kids birthday card with little mermaid and marine life
Ocean cake is a blue themed cake with a twist. The ocean look is imparted to the blue themed cake by adding waves, fishes and even mermaids. This type of design appears very interesting to the baby.

Tiara Cake

Tiara on birthday cake Free Photo

Tiara cake is certain to be appreciated by little girls. The top of the cake is adorned with a tiara made of gum paste. Isomalts shaped in the form of diamonds and gems can be used to surround the tiara. The lower tier of the cake can be decorated with flowers to complete the grand look.