Flower and Their Various Uses

Different Types of Flower and Their Various Uses

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Nature has thousands of features and all are different flower species. They not only contribute to the artistic beauty of the landscape, but it has several uses. Like few are used in the cooking, some attract insects and few are having medical properties. Whatever the flower is, one has to be careful while using the flowers, ordering flowers online, and making sure no adverse effects occur.

  • Nasturtium

Nasturtium is cheerful and is an easy-to-grow flower. This is having bold blooms and it is having edible leaves, flowers, and seed pods that make them fun flowers for young gardeners to plant. These online plants are very easy to maintain but you need to simply plant them and leave them alone. Nasturtium grows in full sun and partial shade and also it enjoys light, sandy soils. This plant requires regular watering. You will find Nasturtium flowers in a range of bright colors, such as yellow, orange, and pink.


  • Mostly used in salad gardens
  • Its seed pods and leaves are used in salads for tangy flavoring.
  • Its immature seed pods also can be pickled, and the  mature seeds can be roasted like a snack
  • Its taste is similar to pepper.
  • The flower petals can be used to create vinegar


  • Sunflower

Sunflowers are members of the daisy family of flowers. This flower arrangement grows in semi-arid regions. Sunflowers stand with the dry spells at a slightly higher level than many other plants. They require soil that is well-drained, but the soil type can range greatly.


  • It is used for frying foods or other kinds of cooking purposes.
  • It gives snack foods longer shelf life.
  • Sunflower seeds provide a healthy snack for both humans and animals.
  • Sunflower meals can be used as well to provide high-fiber food to animals.


  • Jasmine

The jasmine flowers are highly fragrant. This flower blooms in white color and it appears in summer and fall. Jasmine plants grow best in the warmer regions of the world. These flowers can be grown in almost all types of soil as long as enough water is available. Jasmine plants also require full sun for the best growth.


  • Jasmine flower oil turned into a number of different other compounds, including terpineol, jasmine, and benzyl acetate.
  • It is a key ingredient in perfumes and bath products like soap and shampoo.
  • Jasmine tea is also a popular use of flowers.
  • Many Medical benefits of this flower-like help in cancer treatments, ringworm and tapeworm infections, and it acts as a calming agent.


  • Rose

Roses have created a magical illusion for human eyes that is straight away connected to the human heart. Roses are the masterpiece among all the flowers and it is a beautiful flower that is efficient to bring positive feelings and vibes. The Rose is considered as the symbol of love, passion and this flower comes in many colors. In the whole world, Roses are 35 million old and this flower has 150 species, which are mostly found in the northern part of the globe, so that is the reason China has started cultivating rose gardens. That is the reason Roses are the most loved flowers, and in many houses rose plants are found in their gardens. Roses have been given the tag as the language of love or an expression of love. Rose is said to be the secret of happiness.


  • Roses are a big source of vitamin c.
  • This flower has anti-inflammatory properties,
  • Helps in increasing the circulation of blood
  • It helps in relieving joint pain.
  • Also, its paste is also good for improving the condition of the skin.


  • Lavender

Lavender is an evergreen plant and this flower is found in the Middle East and in India. This flower is the most fragrant flower. These flower bunches have various types of health benefits.


  • It is popular for scent
  • Also used as medicine.
  • Lavender oil is used as a calming and it helps in relaxing certain muscles.
  • Having many antibacterial and antifungal effects.


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