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I’m still basking in the yumminess of the heavenly chocolate mousse cake even though that cake was ordered for my little brother.

So let’s start at the beginning. I’m a Bengali girl who loves food but doesn’t know how to cook. I knew that my baking skills aren’t exactly the best. But I still went ahead and declared that I’ll bake a cake for my brother’s birthday anyways! After an hour or so, I was washing my claims away at the kitchen sink. It didn’t take me long to figure out what my next plan of action should be- I looked up cake delivery on Google. I had expected to see a list of nearby bakeries with boring cake designs and standard flavors. But then I ended up browsing for a bit more and found the gem that is Indiagift.in! Since I had seen a couple of delivery boys of Indiagift.in driving around the busy traffic of Kolkata a few times, I decided to check it out and clicked on the website. The different gift selections and various designs of cake was enough to get me hooked! As all of it naturally seemed too good to be true, I read the reviews and explored a little more about Indiagift.in. I also got some help from the gifting expert who told me how to go about it and how long will it take for my gifts to be delivered.

What followed was a never ending debate between my heart which wanted the black currant cake and my brother’s likes which pointed towards the chocolate mousse cake. At the end, I ordered the chocolate mousse cake and wrote a lovely note to be sent along with the cake and chocolate bouquet. I selected the midnight delivery even though I wasn’t sure if they would bring my combo set on time.

At ten minutes to twelve, I received a message and by the time the clock struck midnight, my gift set was at the door. Naturally, everyone at home was surprised with the doorbell ringing so late in the night. I went and received the gift which was packed beautifully. The delivery guy was actually very careful with the package and it made me very happy to see that those guys are sensitive to what a gift means for the recipients. Then I walked back slowly to increase the suspense, and as soon as I stepped into the hall, I shouted ‘Happy Birthday’. My brother was delighted to see the bouquet of chocolates and the cake in my hand. Even though I got teased a lot for the cake that I baked, everyone was really happy with my surprise as a birthday gift.

Ever since, I have logged in to Indiagift.in for various occasions like my cousin’s first wedding anniversary celebrations which I couldn’t attend and the only Holi party with my family when I was out of station. I had ordered the gift combo in advance for the former and I ordered a Holi special dry fruits combo for the latter. And of course, it goes without saying that both the surprises were awesome for my family and relatives. Thank you, Indiagift.in, for the awesome service and great gift collection for every occasion. I am one of the #HappyCustomer of indiagift.