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Awesome Looking Anniversary Gifts Using Your Wedding Photographs

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You have known each other since childhood. Your dads were best friends and your moms were best friends. You have seen each other go through their first breakup. You have fought. You have cried. And it’s their first wedding anniversary. Sadly, you have no idea what to gift him. You are tired of googling for “anniversary gift ideas for my best friend” and “best anniversary gift”. Nothing you found was good enough. You would have taken your best friend and the spouse out on a world tour if you could. But you don’t have enough money.

But don’t worry, there are a number of other things that you could gift him that will show him how much he means to you, and how much you love him, like wedding photograph and anniversary gifts. Following is a list of anniversary gift ideas for you:

•    There is a new trend in the décor world of covering one wall with photographs from the edge to edge. So why not sneak into their house when you are sure they would not be there (albeit you have a key) and cover a wall with their wedding photograph and anniversary gifts and leave a little note saying how much they mean to you. Wait for them to come back home, and give you a call to tell you how much they love you. The wedding photograph and anniversary gifts etch a memory forever.

•    There are a number of personalized anniversary gift ideas you could give to them. Think about what your friend needs or would like and then get a customized version of thing made for them. If your friend likes drinking, then get him a personalize hip flask with their initials on it. Or if they both are creative souls, why not gift them custom made leather bound notebooks. All these things could be easily found online.

•    Throw them a surprise party – Get 25+ Unique Romantic Gifts Ideas That Really Show Love of the best & awesome anniversary gift ideas. Invite all their friends and family to your place, and organize a party with the best anniversary gift. And once all is set, call them up to your place saying you have an emergency. The look on their face when they reach your home will be worth the worry you might cause. End the party with a personal touch and sing the couple their favorite song or tell them how much they mean to you and present them with the best anniversary gift. If this does not make them cry and love you even more then I don’t think that anything else can.